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  1. OK, win: not coaching, just big school. Lose: coaching. Thank you for clarification! I will step out now.
  2. Cats too much for the Breds tonight. Belcher's Bombers chant was accurate, they made it rain from three.
  3. Haven't they won the region the last two years? Coaching there too or no?
  4. Siah Holifield having a very good year for West Jessamine. Seems to always have good stats. Very good player!! Impressive outing for West Jess and for Mercer for showing the toughness to answer the bell when challenged. 12th region is a heck of a region!
  5. If Jimmy Gregg is drawing I like PC's chances. Jimmy will get it done!! Crazy the biggest moment of a regular season is not even a game.
  6. Big win for PC. Happy for those seniors to get a win on senior night. Great young men. Allen it goes without saying, heck of a player.
  7. There are several teams who will be at Rupp in March that wouldn't fair well in the 11th. Very loaded region. But they don't have to fair well in the 11th, just their respective regions.
  8. I don't know about a Wilson effect. I know those games were early in the year that were mentioned and I know he is a heck of a player.
  9. Camels free throw defense is good tonight. Mason 7/17 from line.
  10. Caswell Fuller is a baller. That's all you can say. Huge fan of his game.
  11. The Wildcats are in Hilton Head for a tournament. Have Harlan County tomorrow.
  12. They did exceed your expectations of losing by 17, so that should count for something. Haha. It won't solve their problems but reading the other thread you would have thought CC was done and dusted. Good win over a fellow 10th region favorite who will be right there at the end fighting for a shot at Rupp. But people tend to dwell cynical on message boards.
  13. Was very impressed with Bracken County tonight. Held their poise after losing the lead and Austin Crawford did what money players do and took over in the OT. Anyone who hasn't seen Crawford play needs to get over to Brooksville and see him play. But let it be said, those other kids in blue and white can play a bit too!! Coach Hinson will have them peaking at the right time. Brossart is going to win some big games this year. They don't make very many mistakes and have the ability to hang around with anybody. Well coached squad.
  14. I've always found it interesting about message boards the tendency to skew negative about a team or coach and then when something happens that disproves that negativity the response isn't "good for so and so..." it is well, the other team is weak...or good thing they didn't play such and such. So it is a no win situation. It makes message boards fun to read but seems unfortunate we skew so negative, myself included sometimes. I've seen it happen a lot but really evident with CC here. Maybe the coaches or players made adjustments? Maybe they didn't...but for one night it looks like they did. Good win for the Camels. Montgomery County will recover. 10th is going to be fun this year. It is there for the taking.
  15. Super competitor. Deserves any accolades he gets. Enjoy watching him play.
  16. Not even a debate. Walker is best pure shooter in tenth. Just my uneducated opinion.
  17. Siah Holifield is an underrated player. The kid can score the basketball. West Jessamine will be a fun team to watch develop this year. That coaching staff always gets the most out of their talent.
  18. If there was a Sweet 16 in popcorn then Mason County would be a multiple state title winner.
  19. Is there a better pure shooter in the region than Art Walker? Everytime I saw him shoot last year I assumed it was in.
  20. Going to take more than one cadet with "juiced" pillows to take him down...haha.
  21. Congrats to Matt. He is a young man that seems like he would thrive at West Point. Thank you for your future service, young man!
  22. How many transfers did Bracken Co end up getting?
  23. Michael is Gabe's brother. Gabe was a very good player in his own right.
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