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  1. Final per CCHS Sports Med. Camels are 49-9 last two regular seasons per Camel Basketball Twitter.
  2. Congrats Jared! Several Kentuckians at or going to be at Service Academies: Fox/Wilson at Army Kelch at Navy Coomer at Air Force
  3. I'm sure Campbell County will recover. Robertson County had a lot of guys with varsity experience in that game and I'm assuming a school the size of Campbell did not. Robertson's future is EXTREMELY bright.
  4. Love when Kentucky kids go to a service academy. Been several last few years.
  5. Coach Stapleton's quote in December could up looking like a prophecy. Fleming starting to play really well. Will be an exciting district tourney!
  6. Great effort by the Camels who have also had games where people were feeling ill I’d imagine.
  7. Walton won. Walton is a Bryan good team. That’s story of this game. Camels are 17-3, they are fine. They are also a good team. 7 game series it’s probably going 7 and that game is a tossup. Both teams have way bigger games ahead of them anyway.
  8. Put him on any team in any region and he puts up numbers. Being the focus of every team’s defensice scheme and shooting that percentage? It’s not like he is putting up 38 shots a game and shooting at a low percentage. Shoots at a high percentage, is a good teammate, and generally performs. Worthy of respect but we can agree to disagree and that’s fine, just glad I have the numbers to back up my position.
  9. Rankin is the focus of the opposing defense every night he steps on the court. He still produces at a very high rate. You can say you aren’t impressed but the stats over the course of a season that he has put up (18 and 8 while being over 50% from the field) with that previous fact in mind is worthy of respect. People lie, numbers don’t. The numbers say that Rankin is one of the top players in the 9th.
  10. Is it never a boring game when these two teams play. Two hard working, competitive programs.
  11. With 4 district titles in a row, 3 region finals in 4 years, and 2 region titles...whatever the scheduling is it has served them well in the postseason. Will see if that holds true this year.
  12. Campbell County takes third place in the Gateway Holiday Classic.
  13. Daviess is about as fundamental as it gets. They will not beat themselves. A very nice team.
  14. Faulkner put on a spectacular show in the 4th quarter. Had to have 25 or so in it. 18 in first 4 minutes of the 4th. Impressive. These two teams are very good. Dalton Bruner set the pace for West with 34.
  15. Bruner with 27 and Cook with 25. Love West Jessamine's backcourt.
  16. Very good game tonight in Wilmore. GRC jumps out to a 17 point lead and WJ clawed all the way back to tie it. Jordan Graham hits a baseline shot to win the game with .5 seconds left. A November scrimmage that felt like a regular season game. Philpot dominated the game in the post and a lot of nice pieces surrounding him. Will take the new guys a while to gel but once they do they will be extremely tough. Bruner and Cook are a very nice guard combo for West. Bruner had around 25.
  17. Agree 100% on Bruner. Scores at all three levels and is only getting stronger. Kid is exciting to watch.
  18. Impressive thing to me about Russell is he has done it at a small school in Newport on the girls (All A) and boys side (All A and Region) then transferred it over to a large school at Campbell County to the point they may not win it every year but they are always relevant in the discussion.
  19. Reckless speculation on that. Emotional moment. Let things die down first. Hopefully Allen stays at PC and leaves an all time 10th region great.
  20. I see what you are saying. But how many times have you seen these Campbell and Scott teams play? Seen Campbell since the Paris game? Every team has improved and liking their chances right now. It makes it fun. There is some good basketball in the 37th and in the 40th...and the region's in between. We just see the ones in our areas more so we become more fond of those. Its a natural thing to have that inclination towards the teams in our areas. BTW, I've seen Paris play several times this year and would include Wells and Johnson in top players easy. Have you seen Ohmer, Bertsch, and Hegyi? They are playing good ball as well. With only five spots some good players going to be left out. And I haven't even mentioned Crawford and Allen. It is a fun region to follow. The Region Tournament will answer a lot of questions. Will be fun.
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