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  1. There are two sets of Antrobus's in PC. The sophomore is of no relation to Michael. Rowan County is fortunate. The young man is one of the better players not widely known. Scores in bunches.
  2. Edited because I'm actually not sure where it's at. Don't want to put bad info out there.
  3. TBC Elite went 4-1 on the weekend and lost to SC Raptors in the final 8 gold bracket in 17U Nike Memorial Day Classic. Did KY Elite play down there? Only teams I saw scores for were HD and TBC.
  4. Good hire! The lady's of PC have great respect for her and will have that familiarity. She also knows the game. Repeat a point I made in the Cox thread, I think sometimes get hung up too much on experience. There are some great coaches out there available in the region with great success who would have done a great job but the next great is always out there waiting to be given a chance. Coach Bowling may be that, time will tell.
  5. Well, I mean by definition he has? A year is more than never, yes? I believe he will do a great job and was already in the school system. Great head coaches would never become great head coaches if someone somewhere hadn't seen fit to give them a chance. There may have been someone with more experience, doesn't mean they were the best fit for that school district.
  6. The early word it seems was wrong or an assumption. Congratulations to Coach Cox on the new position. I have no doubt he will be successful. Really good basketball coach who has waited his turn. Now it's here and I'm sure he will do a lot with that great team they have returning in Maysville.
  7. Thanks for doing this every week. Always interested to see how all the teams do!
  8. It is the same organization. It makes a lot more sense than previous arrangement. That said doesn't really matter where the young man played if the team he was playing on and organization had no issues with it. Whoever has Goodin is getting one heck of a player for sure.
  9. I would think it would mean more to win with the kids that you have had on your team the whole year? Kentucky should have added Bobby Portis just before the NCAA Tournament. But I don't begrudge them for adding him either. Different methods for different people and if their kids are all good with it and excited then more power to them.
  10. This is a good hire. Best of luck to Coach Biggs and the Royals! Reunited with Brad Cox who was on his staff at Pendleton County for their run to state.
  11. One bad season out of however many he has coached does not a career make. He knocked on the door of Sweet 16 (admittedly fell short) and won a lot of games at Ashland. Last year the wheels came out but that coach is a fighter. Whoever gets him next will get an extremely motivated coach who won't fail. Just my opinion on that aspect of it.
  12. Hunter Wood is the prototypical PG who would rather distribute than score. He is also an incredible leader who keeps guys in check. There will not be chemistry issues in the locker room because he won't allow it. GREAT young man and natural born leader.
  13. Winner winner chicken dinner if Kirk is interested. Just my guess.
  14. Brad Cox would do a great job. Really good basketball mind. Should at least be given an interview I would think.
  15. Any thread that mentions top coaches needs to make sure to mention Aric Russell. That's 3 regionals now and 2 in a row yet that's a name I rarely read. This region title should change that.
  16. The Mason County Fieldhouse at region time is a great experience the popcorn is so good! Perfectly popped and reasonably priced. Also the games are OK too.
  17. Almost need to start a prediction thread of WHEN this tournament will actually start. I'm going Saturday.
  18. I will be there Wednesday both games! Best time of the year.
  19. How will the draw shake out? What would be the best draw for the most entertainment? A PC/Scott game would be a barn burner.
  20. Keaton gets a lot of credit and deservedly so but credit to those kids for buying in and to his staff as well. Kane Belcher is a very talented coach in his own right and Timmy Cooper does a good job with the freshman. Future is bright in Falmouth.
  21. Does he have plans on heading North? Young man seems motivated and happy at PC and has a coach with D1 experience and connections.
  22. Keaton Belcher is one of the best at making meaninful connections at the next level and he will work hard for those kids. Great coach to play for if you have aspirations to play at next level.
  23. PC historically has proven to be a tough out in the region tournament. I expect that to continue with this group. Belcher's Bombers are a fun group to watch.
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