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  1. Could probably throw Prater in top 7 bumping Offut/Barnett/Weaver. Heard the kid has really gotten strong in the off-season and he was pretty darn solid last year. Time will tell.
  2. 1. Hughes - Greenup 2. Robinson - APB 3. Dickerson - Elliott 4. Stewart - Boyd 5. Evans - Elliott 6. Villers - APB 7. Alexander - FlemCo 8. Barnett - Menifee 9. Weaver - Raceland 10. Offutt- Lewis
  3. Should be an interesting 4-5 years for St Patrick..... Rigdon has a very talented son and that St Pat 6th grade class is special. Justin Myricks boy is a 4 grader there too. Will be very interesting to see the movements over the next few years..... I would anticipate some transfers in about Rigdon's third season.
  4. So what did I miss. I was under the impression Mays got the job and now he's out? Where's he at and why?
  5. I've heard the same. Good looking young athlete. He's gonna be special. Might arguably be the toughest 6th grader ( I think that's his grade) in the area and a top middle schooler in the region.
  6. Rigdon is about 6'0" I'd say. His sons Mother is tall. Strong lineage of athletics on both sides of the maternal and paternal families.
  7. 20 years would put you at 1997. He graduated in '94 or '95 Competed against Cory Dumphord at Paris and that era. He was on the St Pat team that beat that Paris team in the All A. Strong player.
  8. My understanding is that his son could be 10x the player in all facets.
  9. God only knows, however, I would bank on a son following his father. Potential for his son to enroll even if Rigdon doesn't get the head role. Taylor brought Rigdon onto his staff strategically for that purpose. The kid can play.
  10. For the record I read and extremely unprofessional article published by the local paper in maysville putting his DUI business out there. Regardless of public record This had absolutely nothing to do with his resignation. However, it should've, but no need to shoot the guy in the back on his way out. Lost all respect for the Ledger and whoever was a part of the editing and publishing aspect of that statement listed in his resignation article. Show some class Maysville.
  11. Elliott Boyd Ashland Morgan Russell Lewis Fleming Rowan Raceland Greenup There's your top ten with any of the top 5-7 capable of taking the crown, but the top 3 are the 3 to beat. lewis is my sleeper pick. Morgan will be dangerous. Fleming has a shot and don't count out a seasoned Rowan group comprised with strong role guys. Just don't think FC or RC can get it done. Calling Elliott for the quad
  12. Be a good gig for Aaron Rigdon. Would also be good for their program to have Rigdon's son on the team as a middle schooler he has the propensity to the best in a long while there. Adds a body to the school and talent. Could also attract other talented athletes to come play along side him. Strategically it's the best move for the athletics department. Taylor is back in Texas. Working camps alongside a highly successful local high school coach. He's well connected there. Another candidate could be that St Pat alumni that's on Mason countys staff. I can't think of his name. Been coaching MaCo freshman. He'll never get the head gig there so not sure why he wouldn't venture into a head role and then move on with the strides he's made on the hill. Lamont Taylor would be a strategic hire if he'd apply. Can't leave out Tony Moore either. He's certainly put in the work there over the years and they've passed him over. Derrick Robinson Bourbon Graduate and WKU alumni would be a solid person to go after. He would be a strategic hire and would most certainly put in some roots and attract players/new Students. This is a unique role. They have some talent. They are not deep but they have s middle school group the has tremendous upside comparable to some of the best teams that St Pat has ever had. They are in a position to put a premium candidate at the helm that could make wonderful strides if their AD and admin will get ambitious.
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