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  1. Pretty cleanly played game all things considered I think. Camels only had 10 turnovers and Jags were about there as well. That was one of the more physical games I’ve seen this season. Both teams battled and no backdown from either. Big time win for the Camels on their senior night.
  2. Landed hard and aggravated his ankle injury I believe.
  3. He left with about 3:00 to go in the game after free throws I believe.
  4. Is the 5th Region deeper than the 10th region? Would their top 3 generally beat the 10th’s top teams? I’m not real familiar with the 5th. John Hardin is obviously impressive and have heard good things on LaRue County.
  5. Per scoreboard. JV and Varsity swept it per Camel Basketball Twitter.
  6. Campbell County beat Simon Kenton this morning 64-49.
  7. I wasn’t making a statement on it being a game changer or anything like that. I don’t think it would have impacted the outcome of the game.
  8. 43-31 game at half and it was a running clock by the end of the 3rd quarter.
  9. GRC Scoring: Graham 4 Wellman 6 Canada 13 Jenkins 6 Jackson 8 Bush 6 Morton 5 Campbell Scoring: Wirth 8 Wilson 21 Hegyi 1 R Jolly 16 Helton 2 Gross 2 Lawrence 7
  10. Campbell County won a 5 quarter contest. Score reset at half. Campbell won first half 38-22. Won next two quarters 41-20.
  11. NKU is becoming increasingly difficult to deal with regarding these type of games.
  12. Campbell won both their games. Don’t have scores. Heard they looked good as did Scott.
  13. Props to Zion and family for exposing the transfer rule for what it is...a sham. If he’s allowed to do it I have no issues with the young man for moving where his family thinks he can be most successful. Now, the KHSAA just needs to admit the transfer rule is nearly unenforceable and cave it or enforce it. I am good with either.
  14. Camels were said by some to have no advantage in any position. Ended 2-0 against a talented GRC team. Great game by two really good teams.
  15. CC PG is pretty good too. Other teams are allowed to have nice players without it being an attack on GRC or no?
  16. Kind of what I was wondering. Coach Russell has 3 region titles and won big at Newport and Campbell. Coach Cook is a great young coach and has a team capable of making a run but Coach Russell has had a lot of success as well and win or lose they will still both be higher level coaches in my opinion.
  17. Glasgow got the toughest possible draw with Warren Central. What a reward for winning district!
  18. Pendleton's most wins since 2006 and he didn't play an overly weak schedule. He did a great job this year and is deserving. I thought it should be him or Russell (kept CC rolling after losing 2 studs from last year).
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