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  1. Not sure I have seen a team pressure the ball as hard as Mason Co. has for the most of the season. I think Mitchell and Henry took it to heart being left of the region preview. Royals are chugging away!
  2. Here we go again. Draw for your fate. What matchups are we looking for and why? Draw is to take place at 9:30 this morning.
  3. Cov Cath started 1-3 last year. Scott Co last year in one stretch went 1-4 in middle of season and won the 11th. Teams are much more than their record. Campbell & Frederick Douglass also struggled with Mason guards per what I saw on live streams. Just don’t think this one will be as easy as Card fans think.
  4. IMO this game will be less than 10. Mason guards can play. They gave Scott Co. fits. Still think this one goes to GRC but really feel it will be closer than expected.
  5. Mason travels to GRC tonight. Mason has surprised a little this season I would say. Both teams with at least a guy out. Who wins and why? Does GRC run away with it or does Mason keep it close with Morton out?
  6. Couple thoughts... 1. Bracken has to worry about beating Augusta before worrying about Mason County. 2. Terrell Henry not listed in THE TOP 18 PLAYERS IN THE REGION (w/ honorable mentions) is FRAUDULENT!!
  7. Either would be fantastic options. Who/how many interviewed?
  8. Really surprised we haven’t heard more on this one.
  9. John Micheal Reitz should be obvious #1 wouldn’t you think?
  10. Got to think Buttery is an option with his son on the team and with having prior experience. Also, is there a correlation with Embry stepping down at South Warren?
  11. Mason survives the opening game of post season against a nice BC game plan. Postseason jitters should be now gone. I think they're about to turn it on. Royals by 15-20 paced by a Schalch double double...
  12. Must have been a “fluke”. Mason did a great job controlling pace of game tonight. Congrats Royals!
  13. This is a very unfair statement towards Campbell... Nothing Campbell does is a fluke. Russell does incredible work with his kids. Campbell guards hard to pressure. Sounds like to me Camels has a great gameplan and showed they can beat anyone in the region at any time. Imagine being a kid and beating the 10th #1 and having someone tell you it was a fluke!!
  14. Who’s on the list for next coach of the Panthers? Who do they call?
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