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  1. Either would be fantastic options. Who/how many interviewed?
  2. Really surprised we haven’t heard more on this one.
  3. John Micheal Reitz should be obvious #1 wouldn’t you think?
  4. Got to think Buttery is an option with his son on the team and with having prior experience. Also, is there a correlation with Embry stepping down at South Warren?
  5. Mason survives the opening game of post season against a nice BC game plan. Postseason jitters should be now gone. I think they're about to turn it on. Royals by 15-20 paced by a Schalch double double...
  6. Must have been a “fluke”. Mason did a great job controlling pace of game tonight. Congrats Royals!
  7. This is a very unfair statement towards Campbell... Nothing Campbell does is a fluke. Russell does incredible work with his kids. Campbell guards hard to pressure. Sounds like to me Camels has a great gameplan and showed they can beat anyone in the region at any time. Imagine being a kid and beating the 10th #1 and having someone tell you it was a fluke!!
  8. Who’s on the list for next coach of the Panthers? Who do they call?
  9. A lot of moving on the totem poll in the 10th. Campbell loses a ton. GRC losing Graham, Canada, and a few other big bodies. Belcher out at Pendleton. Schalch transfers to Mason while they only lose Lofton. Bourbon has some momentum within their program. Robertson still returns a slew of experienced guys. Augusta with some nice young guns. Scott losing Meister and Ohmer. Who are the early frontrunners for the 2020 title? My top 3 in no particular order... 1. GRC 2. Mason 3. Bourbon Next - Robertson, Brossart, Scott, Campbell
  10. I just don't see The Fieldhouse being as much as an advantage for MC as people say it is. Mason hasn't won the region in the Fieldhouse since 2010. Augusta upset Mason in the Feildhouse back in the Bach days. Pendleton upset them in 2011 in The Fieldhouse. Even during their last run from '08-'10 they won in 3 different locations. 08 - MoCo 09 - NKU 10 - Mason The only Championship since 2010 for the Royals was held at MoCo in 2016. Since 2010, the region has been held at Mason 6 times with Mason winning it 0 times during that span. In saying this, why change the postseason pattern now... Mason wins at the buzzer.
  11. Not surprised at all. Robertson plays a very weak schedule and compiles wins. GRC, Montgomery, Bourbon, Campbell, Scott, Brossart & Mason are all above ROCO IMO. And I'm not convinced they're better than Harrison with all their guys playing or Pendleton even without Dontaie. 13 wins have came from the following... Augusta x 2 Nicholas x 2 Fleming Bracken Ripley (OH) Calvary Christian Pineville Cumberland Owsley Hancock St. Pat Teams they have beaten in KY (Ripley excluded) are a combined 57-118 with Calvary Christian being the only win against a team over .500. I think you can comfortably put them at 8 in region rankings, maybe 9 or 10.
  12. Shaping up to be a big one in The Fieldhouse! I am making the trip! Who wins tonight and why?
  13. My mistake. I have a bad habit of lumping all NKY into the 9th. :/
  14. AGREE 100%. I think strength of schedule early in the season is a big reason for some of the records and odd outcomes at this point in the year. Robertson undefeated before last night, with a weak SOS IMO (Augusta, Fleming, Bracken, and Ripley) and gets whomped by PC. GRC is 3-2 with losses to #1 team in the 10th (Campbell) and a TOUGH Woodford Co. team. But clearly good enough to win the region. Bracken had a couple blow out wins before getting spanked by Mason (0-4 at the time). Mason starts 0-4 with losses to Lex Cath, a 9th region contender in SK, and top 3 team in the 10th Scott High. Then runs the table against Bracken. I am not a big fan of a weak schedule which produces 20 wins. I get wanting to win but not sure it helps down the road to gain respect within the region and be competitive. IMO its.... 1. Campbell 2. GRC 3. Scott 4. PC Then 5-10.
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