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  1. Its a function of both. People up north haven't seen Paris besides December and you all haven't seen Campbell County and Scott. Those teams aren't anything to scoff at and neither is Paris/GRC. The problem with having a region this big! Tough to see everyone and have a well rounded opinion.
  2. Is there a better 1-2 punch in the region than Bertsch and Hegyi? They bring it almost every night.
  3. 49-39 with 6 minutes to go. Cooper up. Newport hanging in there. Coach Sullivan not pleased with his team's defense in 2nd half.
  4. True, but they did beat them. Dixie is REALLY good. So if some are going to devalue some Camel wins we need to value some as well.
  5. Congrats to Paris! Keep an eye on the Mustangs...something brewing there. Besides one game against Campbell they are starting to look pretty good! Credit to that coaching staff. Big wins will soon follow, no doubt.
  6. They've beaten top contenders in the 10th region with Scott still left to play. Also Dixie, NCC, and every 9th region team they've played. Not all Goliaths but not all David's without a sling either.
  7. Campbell County won a big game against NCC and you took the opportunity to personally insult a coach in Aric Russell who you probably don't even know and the kids he coaches, who you also probably don't know. That's good work, I guess? I get you got mad at a Camel fan for doing same thing so I will just see myself out. None of those two things make any sense.
  8. Good luck to whoever does the rankings. :eek::idunno:
  9. Remember the name Dalton Bruner for West Jessamine this year. The sophomore has electricity in his game and can score the ball. West will have a very nice team.
  10. It is a true catastrophe of a basketball. There are not enough characters for me to type to explain the disdain I have for it. But at least it will be the same for all the teams in the postseason I guess. So that's good.
  11. His coach was a 6'9 D1 college player who was not a post. There are no doubts in my mind he will be utilized correctly and able to showcase his skills within the Pendleton team concept.
  12. Dalton Bruner, guard from West Jessamine, had a couple 30+ games for NKY Force on their run to the finals. Saw some of their game vs Charlotte Court at Sayre before I had to leave and the young man was very fun to watch.
  13. In my opinion the only thing soft is not letting the regular season decide what the post season position is. Soft is letting a random pill decide kids' chance at region rather than the hard work put in and the results on the field. I have read this whole thread and haven't seen any valid arguement for a draw. There isn't one. Results should dictate. If there was a way to seed region and state as well go for it. If Bracken has voted against it in the past then that's also a shame.
  14. That would be a great hire by Bath County.
  15. I mean he is playing D2 but the kid has more than proven he coud play at the D1 level. He has guarded kids going D1 and more than held his own even going back to the Travelers. To me it seems inarguable he could play at that level but reasonable people can disagree without going negative on the young man. Bellarmine got a baller with a killer instinct on the court. That is a great get for them and I can't wait to see him play there.
  16. Seems like they have let him do his thing all year have they not? Young man has had a successful season.
  17. It is a moot point and there is going to be some good basketball played at Montgomery County in the next week. BUT the crowds would have been so much better at Mason County. It is basically just the region throwing away money having the tournament at the southern most part of the region or if the 37th decides to host it at the northern most. Don't know why the 37th wouldn't try to host it now. It should be at the Fieldhouse but its not and so let's all just enjoy some good basketball and see who comes out of this crazy region.
  18. Saw Calvary play last week. Well coached group. The 8th grader (Rusch?) is going to be a very nice player, already is.
  19. Maybe Brossart is just a really good defensive team that takes you out of what you want to do? Hate when credit is not given where credit is due.
  20. Jackson Crawford deserves a nod as one of the top players in the tenth region for sure. Agree 100%. Those results speak for themselves as well. Great season so far and more to come I'm sure.
  21. If we are just looking at a year achievement award and its for a senior it still would have to be Wilson as favorite I would think. It isn't fashionable to pick the obvious choice but sometimes the obvious choice is the right choice. Not to say Jackson Crawford isn't having a TREMENDOUS year but to imply Wilson is just getting consideration because of past years is erroneous. He has been very good this year too according to the stats on Riherds.
  22. Wilson with 20 points and 18 rebounds. He has to be in convo for best player in tenth. Scores well underneath but changes the game with his defense and rebounding.
  23. This has to do with the Campbell Vs Augusta game how? Axe to grind here about what was apparently a traumatic Knot Hole Experience. Is there a Knot Hole League forum this can be moved to?
  24. Always an enjoyable read. Who knows who will come out of this crazy region????
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