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  1. I think he is waiting for the ND job to open up...
  2. The link on the first page doesn't work. Can someone re-post a link. I want to watch the watering hole!
  3. That call was terrible. He ran right into his own teammate. Its sad when refs take the game away from the team that should be playing in the final. I was at the game but on the Boone side and couldn't get a good look but will say after watching the replay that that was bad. For any ref to miss that is unexcused.
  4. I talked to one of the assistants about two weeks ago and he said they were just starting to interview people this last week.
  5. Call me crazy but aren't you only allowed to put someone on trial for a crime once. Double Jeopardy? If I am wrong someone please explain lol.
  6. I did not see him take away from Cooper's win at all...
  7. Looks like Palmer may get his wish of a west coast offense now. I'm not a bengals fan but I believe that he can still be one heck of a qb, his offense has just been holding him back.
  8. As a head coach or an assistant? I thought there were keep Kubiak(sp) there.
  9. Did you ever watch that show. I'd have the same face if I were dating her and that personality haha.
  10. Idk I guess I don't like him because I'm a Bears fan and he literally hasn't said a good thing about them all year. I do love Gruden though. He gets me fired up haha.
  11. It's a grade 2 mcl sprain which means there is a slight tear in the ligament. Maurice jones-drew criticized cutler yet he missed the final two games of the season. I just find it surprising that people question Cutler's toughness wen he was sacked 52 times this last season. He never complained, r went out and fought and helped the Bears win a lot of football games. All the bandwagon Bears fans are very quick to forget the years of Craig Krenzel, Rex Grossman and the other 20 qb's that had played since McMahon.
  12. Surprised Bradley from Cooper isn't on there as an athlete. At the end of the regular season he was leading NKY in rushing, was 4th in state in rushing. He also lined up at QB, WR, LB, S, and DE. If that's not an athlete I don't know what is. He also punted in a game the kicker was hurt.
  13. Can anyone else not stand this guy? It seems to me he is extremely quick to bring down a team or player but what did this guy do to make himself a self appointed expert on NFL QB's. I realize he won a superbowl but he won it on the coat tail of Ray Lewis and that Ravens defense. The guy finished his career with more INT's than TD's and had a career 55% completion rate. How does everyone else feel?
  14. It's funny because all these people are jumping off the Bears bandwagon. Ask any Bears fan about this season and if they're a true Bears fan, not someone who supported because of the winning, they will say they are happy with the way the team played this year. Yea, they didn't win the superbowl, or even get there, but all the experts picked the Bears to finish behind the Lions! I mean come on! I even predicted the Bears to go 5-11 and was completely surprised by what happened this year. I look forward to next year(if there is one) and seeing what the Bears can do then.
  15. Please all of the uninformed posters on here who are saying Cutler wasn't helping out Hanie on the sideline go to this link http://www.chicagobears.com/multimedia/ and click on Hanie on Cutler. I think it's funny how everyone is bashing him for not helping out the 3rd string QB yet Hanie says never once did the camera pan to Jay when he was helping Hanie every time he came off the field. Not only that, but it was Cutler talking to Hanie on the headset sometimes. Maybe people should actually check out the facts before saying he wasn't helping or uninterested. The media has a way of showing things to make people feel a certain way.
  16. Ryle and Cooper do open up against each other.
  17. Well at least he doesn't have to worry about Highlands now... but he does have to worry about Ryle, Dixie, Boone, and SK. Wish him the best of luck.
  18. And with something like the Superbowl on the line its going to make it that much better of a game.
  19. How much have you watched the Bears this year? I can really only think of a few, maybe 3 games where he looked bad. As the year has gone along, the Bears have run the ball more, the line has protected better, and Cutler has played a lot better. He is protecting the ball and running when there isn't anything open. He will force passes as he has the old "gunslinger" mentality but he is far and above better than last year. Rodgers is a top 3 QB in my mind. The Bears have done a good job against him though. I think it is going to be a very hard fought game, but the Bears pull it out at home 17-14.
  20. Today was the closing day on the job search. From what I've heard over 40 people from all over the country applied and to get the job. I would think an announcement would be made mid January.
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