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  1. Going to be hard to get respect in this game unless they win by over 40. Dayton will be improved from last year, I am sure. However, they will probably only win 2-3 at most. I see HC walking away with this one pretty easily. HC 45 Dayton 8
  2. I am going to take tradition in this one. I think Bellevue will win by 8. Should be a great 1-A opening week game.
  3. Mr. Madrick is a phenomenal person! I am sure will be deeply missed in the Covington Schools.
  4. I have noticed in my area, that on my way to work I pass Newport and Bellevue and both seem to be well into practice by the time I drive over 471 which is close to 7:30 every morning.
  5. From reading the local papers.....the first thing they need to do is hire some assistant coaches.
  6. This is good news for him and the Hilltoppers! Just curious, what other schools was he looking at? or where looking at him?
  7. If you read KHSAA's numbers Beechwood just missed the cut by about 1.5-2 boys and if you continue reading, if the truly wanted to move up all they had to do was petition KHSAA, it should be a simple process. If Beechwood had any questions they could have asked Highlands, since they have played up every year up to this coming season. This information comes from Mel Webster--If Beechwood would have petitioned to move up, KHSAA would have allowed it and the lowest 2A school (Brossart) would have had the option of staying 2A or moving down to 1A.
  8. Boone will get a false sense of where their teams talent level is going into the season Brossart will get a bunch of kids on the injured list
  9. I know people are going to say that we are haters, etc. But it just amazes me how Beechwood and Mayfield can continue to miss the cut by .5 to 1.5 boys (two year average). Despite that fact, I think as long as Brossart works hard, they can be competitive with their district teams with the exception of NCC. I know that Coach Dave Pelgen will have the defense ready to play regardless of the opponent. I just hope they can get out of their scrimmage with Boone with a minimal number of injuries. Still not sure if this is a smart move.
  10. Mumford and Sons, Grace Potter, and Neil Young new album is good.
  11. Nice addition....tuition must be going up to cover the cost, since their enrollment has stayed the same.
  12. The simple answer would be just to purchase whatever music you are going to play at your games from iTunes and then you are safe. Once the song is "purchased" the owner of that song as the freedom to play it in whatever fourm they chose.
  13. I understand that Boon may not be as good as they once was, however, they will have 2-3 squads of kids while Brossart will have most kids playing both ways. I just don't think this was a smart decision. Brossart should be scrimmage someone like Walton or Bellevue or someone similar.
  14. My wife works with Mrs. Swauger and she said that Coach Swauger definitely was not going anybody's staff at Bellevue. Also, after a little investigating on KHSAA the girls program has been very successful over the last few seasons, I think the best record was .500 or a little below. Call me crazy but if he can't be successful as a girls coach, what would make him successful as the boys' coach. This why, I wonder why Bellevue people automatically think Bellevue people should get the coaching jobs. I know they have the Michigan wings, but wasn't aware they had the Michigan mentality.
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