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NBA MVP Right Now?

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Real early, I know, but who would folks have?


I feel like I would have- in this order:








Am I just a Knick fan gone crazy- just curious as to other's thoughts?

Watching a little NBA Coast-to-Coast I see.


I like Rondo right now as the MVP.

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Probably Amare right now.


Being a Boston and Kentucky fan, as much as I'd like to see Rondo win it I believe he's going to have to increase his scoring average by 5 or so points per game while keeping his same assist numbers as they are now to really have a chance.

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Imagine if the Cavs would have pulled the trigger on that Amare deal last year. Afraid to give up Hickson, now look at them. If Amare would have came to the Cavs and played anywhere as close to what he is playing now, then he and King James may have won a ring, or at least made it to the Finals. In turn, he may have signed back with them along with James, we don't have the decision, Miami Thrice, or any of that.



Ahhhhh, dont you just love the what if game?





Real smart move Dan, real smart. Hopefully JJ Hickson is worth it to you. :thumb:

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