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Prayers needed

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Yesterday on Saturday night, A few members of the Ashland football team were traveling at high speeds on 168 ( a windy road from Ashland to Catletsburg.) and hit a telephone pole apparently after passing another vehicle traveling up to 80mph. The boy who was driving the car is not involved in athletics and was pronounced dead at the scene. However he was airlifted to Cabell Huntington and isstill alive and on life support. Ian Holbrook (Ashland's starting QB) has a broken wrist i believe and a minor concussion. The other boy (Trace Stafford) was a likely starter on next year's football team. He sat out last year due to injuries.He suffered a severe concussion and will need plastic surgery on his face from what i am told.

All prayers will be needed and appreciated.

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My prayers are with all three boys and their families. The last I heard this evening the driver was moved to a room. He is in stable condition but still in a coma and has several broken bones. Ian and Trace are going to be OK and are very lucky after looking at the car they were in.

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