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  1. I saw it today and things certainly look good!
  2. With as weak as the officiating has been in the 15th for the past two years, they could use 5 officials on the floor!
  3. Congrats cougars! Y'all looked good on Sports Overtime!
  4. I'd like to see Paintsville get their act together and come to play as a team. If this happens, there should be no problem. I'd have to agree with you A2000, Grimm is playing some good ball right now. I would say, "Good Luck" to the Tigers, but luck has nothing to do with it. Go Big Blue
  5. Paintsville's Frosh seem to be doing well....If they could get their shooting percentage up and cut down turnovers they would beat a lot of teams easily. They have noone over 6'2" but handled Pikeville's 6'8" kid easily....and he gave Paintsville's Varsity fits at times! But they are having fun, even with teams cancelling on them, they have not played in two weeks, but Coach Vanhoose is trying to let them scrimage more and at least enjoy their practices!!
  6. I am happy about the progress sorta kinda. The fact it's taken them this long to do that little frosts me, but then some of us have been working on this for (5) years. I certainly hope that bunch doesn't try to hold out on our girls for the (5) years the KHSAA gave them for the third time. I guess I sound ungrateful, but then by the ungrateful way our girls have been treated for years, I could have sounded a lot worse. Hopefully our Title IX officer is staying right on top of matters and our BOE members are making sure of it!
  7. I am expecting great things from junior, Emily LeMaster this coming year for Paintsville. Paintsville has quite a few "underclasswomen" who will show marked improvement and help out the Tigers! I look forward to watching them this season! As for the jc girls, defense wins ballgames, so don't count them out. What does Lawrence County have this year?
  8. What's next to be done...... so they brought in some dirt, leveled the ground, and stuck up some fence.... what have they done for us lately? Time's awastin'! The clock is ticking....
  9. Maybe Sidelines will give us an update asap... or A2000 or STRIKE3 :thumb:
  10. Congratulations to the Lex Cath Knights... & Justin Burke!! We're friends with your family from Paintsville and we know how thrilled and proud they are of your accomplishment! :thumb:
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