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  1. That's great!!!! Have a good time.
  2. You can fix that, it may take you a little while to do so. Go to your auto spell and edit your letters typed to come up certian words. I changed about 30 of mine the rest do OK.
  3. I agree, :thumb: and I do use all the letters in words. I have auto text though which spells out the word when I type two or three letters.
  4. I thought I'd never send a text message EVER!! I thought it was dumb to send a message rather than just pick up the phone and call. Well, 1000 text messages later I don't feel that way anymore. What really bothers me now is people having conversations in public that everyone around can hear. Just text it back to them, I don't need to hear this!!! My phone now is programed to have all my work emails, and personal email sent to it. All my phone calls, phone messages, text messages, and PIN's are sent to my phone. It's the most simple thing ever. Where people are having to "log on" I'm already there. I return emails, text messages, and phone messages during my travel days. Don't pass judgement until you really give it a try. Phone conversations in public are just annoying to everyone around no matter how softly you try and talk. You can answer your messages when you want. Texting is the way to go. Make phone calls while in your car, with a bluetooth of course. Keep you hands on the wheel......................!
  5. We never use priceline, I'm not sure about the name your own price. I have and do lookup prices and airlines on Cheap Tickets, Orbits. They are all really the same. What I said before was look up your flight on one of these sites and then go to that airlines web site. You will be able to get your tickets for less. If you want, I'll help you find the best price. Sometimes leaving from a different airport will save you $150-$200 dollars. (Louisville vs Lexington) Southwest is the best airline tickets right now but not for long. When their new fuel charges hits them they will be back with everyone else but they don't fly into all airports. Parking at the airport, there is a long term parking lot at every one. If you're gone more than week then you may need to look into seeing if you can park close (some hotels will allow it) and taxi to and from the airport. Long term parking will cost you anywhere from 6 to 10 dollars a day. 5 days, 6 bucks = $30. (worth it) Its just eaiser to park there than intrupt your friends because flights are not always on time. You can find out what the parking fees are by loging onto the airports web site. If you want to PM me you can..........LTW. PS. I fly all the time now with my new job, I'm even flying back to Ky to watch my kid play football each weekend. Beieve me I'm searching for the cheapest flights possible.
  6. Leaving from where??? If you can fly round trip for less than $200 a person jump on it. The leaving times that aren't for sure would worry me. What was the airline that price line had you on? Go to that airlines web site and get your tickets they will be a little less. The cheaps airline trip out there today is Southwest, Go to their web site and check and see if they fly in and out of the places you need too. They don't fly in and out of everywhere.
  7. How many times to I have to tell you Guru, this is how you focus the camera!! GEZZ!
  8. How can we still be on this subject!!!!!!!!!!! It makes all the sense in the world for all three LOCAL TEAMS to be in one spot for one night. It's Someret's Ray Correll Bowl end of discussion of moving it to somewhere else. PC needs to pull up it's pants and continue playing in this Bowl and quit complaining about it period. This is not a road game. You just have to meet at school and get you stuff on a bus and drive 5 min. Here's my last thought on the matter, PC plays in a higher division of A football. If this game is a problem how is it going to be for them down the road of their schedule? I'd use this venue to prepare for true road games without the hour plus travel. All adds up if you ask me.
  9. I have been a Warrior fan for years now, but I'm a fan of football. The Ray Correll Bowl is such a great event I flew 800 miles and watched a college game then drove 4 hours the next day to catch up with friends at this event. It has to be played at Somerset because it's their bowl game. I couldn't image the Bob Allen Bowl being played any where but at Danville's field. I know this argument has been brought up several times about where and when it's played. If you don't want to play in the Ray Correll Bowl then don't sign on the dotted line. Have your on and invite who you want. Now with that said it would be great if all three local teams played each other every year. With all the split of the RCB you can't expect Somerset to play without some money back. Just wouldn't be right. So here's a solution either all three teams agree to play one another on a rotating basis (home/away) and the county schools drop out of the RCB. Or they make a money/money deal with Somerset and play in the RCB. The team not playing Somerset in the RCB get a certian amount and the other get a certian amount. Sign 2 year deals and stop all this nonsense!!
  10. Wonder if he'd like to play at Murray State University???
  11. And this is why you love FOOTBALL SEASON!!!
  12. There is a lot of good info above. IMO it really starts with your son's head coach. Got to have the support of your coach. Got to go visit camps starting at the end of your sophmore year. Hopefully your coach is scheduling good teams to play. Can't and will not help your case. Even in a loss to a good team is better than a win over a cupcake. Scouts will come to games to see players but often times see another one there. Hopefully your coach has given truthful advice in the past about kids. If your team has sent kids to a certian school and everything worked out about them then this school will return to see another player a coach recomends. Scouts talk and coaches do as well so keep the play on the field. If you are a difficult parent then soon everyone will know. Last a certianly not least get film footage together. Good games and aginst good competition. Camp footage and stats. My son had all the above. He missed out on a few acolades but he's in college on scholarship and a few of those kids have quit. There is a few scouting agent programs and I would consider one of them if you feel like you haven't had any response. Be ready, a talent scout will be honest with you about how hard and how talented your kid really is.
  13. Have a GREAT DAY!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY FRIEND!!! :dancingpa:dancingpa:dancingpa:dancingpa:dancingpa
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