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  1. If you would get your panties out a bunch and read what I said you would realize that I am not blaming any one person for the problems in KNott County, the whole organization needs to be looked at and assessed based on results, not just the AD. This will not happen because everyone wants to get along in Knott County and not make their "friends" mad, no matter if the results are negative as they have been lately or not. Again what I am saying is that if something is not working as in the case of academics/athletics in Knott County, there needs to be some accountability from the people running the show.
  2. The arena in Pikeville is nice but Pikeville really is in BUFU and teams would have to travel long distances to play there. I like Pikeville though, just too far away for many teams to travel more than 1 night at a time IMO. A more Central location would be good IMO.
  3. With all due respect what is there to be jealous of, there are mediocre academics and athletics. I understand that the people that run these things may be good intentioned, but good intentions only get you so far, eventually results have to be looked at and if that is done in Knott County, there will be changes because Knott County, Knott Central inparticular are lagging behind the state in academics(most important), and athletics. So jealousy no, just tired of seeing absolutely no positive results coming from the people in charge.
  4. None ofl the regions in the mountains are a threat to win the title, there are some good teams, but for the most part this is a down period for basketball as far as "good" teams go. Of coarse, this is just my opinion.
  5. :thumb: Given the way that Leslie performed in a Tourny situation in the WYMT Tourny, I think they will show up to play in the regions, but anyone can beat anyone in this years Disticts and Regionals, makes for entertaining games.
  6. I am lost, what was the score? If it was 72-64, it was only 8 points, not almost 20.
  7. You are correct in regards to the lighting, it is dark in there.
  8. During the LCC game the Superintendant and and coaching staff from LCC were being verbally aggressive towards Dials, and he retaliated. Should he have been suspended, yes, but to say that he should be dismissed fro taking up for himself is crazy IMO. As far as getting my story straight, maybe you should take off the blinders and then you may see the truth.
  9. Many were held back, but they were no older than the average 7th or eighth graders in the nation.
  10. What happens if you are disabled and cannot go back to school and finish a degree?
  11. Athletic Diriector was unhappy with the losing streak and was looking to take it out on someone, so he chose Adam IMO. The AD should have his position assessed because Dials did nothing to deserve the severity of the punishment. It was not the coaches decision, it was the AD's, sad situation in KNott County, the people in power enjoy throwing their weight around and do not care about the kids.
  12. The 14th is wide-open and any one of 6-7 teams can win it IMO.
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