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  1. Hazard is always ready to play! They are a great team, and you have some very impressive young men playing for you. They are truly class acts.
  2. I'm going with Lee by 3, and yes Lee is a 10 point better team, and yes the home court advantage will take a big role in this one.
  3. I remember when Pitino was coach, it seemed like every time the 'Cats would return home, people would be waiting outside the airport to greet them. I haven't seen that happen in a long time.
  4. Good game by the Bobcats. Lots of unselfish play by the Bobcats. Go Cats!!!!!
  5. As much as I'd love for my Bobcats to win, winning at Powell is never easy. I'll say it'll be another nailbiter, but Powell pulls away at the end, with the assistance of last minute fouls; I'll say Powell by 12.
  6. I agree with your entire assessment; and hopefully the off court rumors are less valid than I think they are :cry:
  7. Billy G may be under MORE pressure than Tubby, because the Wildcat faithful are HUNGRY. I'm not a big Billy G fan, I didn't think he had proven himself yet, he wasn't my choice for coach, and so far, I have not been impressed. He needs to teach his players to stop the dribble penetration, learn to play a 2-3 zone, and pound the ball inside. However, I definately do not want Tubby back. I can see why those who were not UK fans would want Tubby back, though. Simply put, Tubby went downhill. He started at the top, and settled in the middle of the pack. Tubby is the perfect coach of Minnesota, where winning 20 games will be a godsend. I wish him the best, but I'm glad he's gone, and I hope he's happy without the pressure. He's a nice chap, but just not my kind of coach and I didn't enjoy watching his type of play. Unfortunately, I don't feel fair in calling for the man's head just yet though. He's had to deal with new players, a new situation, and a ton of injuries. I'm reserving judgment, but if Billy G. doesn't improve in a year or two, I say out the door. Let's not let a bad situation get worse and fester for 10 years but give the dude a chance too. It's a little early to be cuttin' and running. I always remember my favorite team when Pitino was coach was the team that went 13-19 the first year Pitino was there. UK lost by a small margin to number 1 NC that year and after the game Pitino was asked if he was pleased with his team's effort. He said something to the effect of "No I'm never pleased with a loss". BIlly G reminded me of that last night on his radio show when a self-described "passionate" UK fan called in and told him they were not disappointed in him and wanted him to keep plugging away. He said....if you aren't disappointed, then I question if you are as passionate a fan as you say you are. I'm disappointed and I'm not offended by anyone who is disappointed,"... and then went on to talk up the next game. Let's not forget Pitino failed to win 20 games his first season as UL's coach and look at the caliber of play he is getting from his players now. That's my two cents.
  8. Way to go Estill!!! Congrats on what I'm sure was a hard fought victory!
  9. Get with the program atticus. High officials are still expected to show thier support for the Bobcats. You have been tominated Signed bball king
  10. Just wanted to say my thoughts are with Cameron and his family. It's a scary thing to experience.
  11. He lifted the LSU safety 2 feet in the air. Man. That poor dude will be feeling it tomorrow, if he isn't arleady.
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