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  1. The definition I used was from Dictionary.com. It lists evangelical as both an adjective and a noun, depending on the defintion.
  2. I have really been wanting to see Amazing Grace sense it's theatrical release.
  3. C'mon, get real. BCG is going to turn this thing around. Why replace someone who hasn't had the time to prove himself at Kentucky with someone that hasn't had the time to prove himself at Arkansas?
  4. Agreed. The point is moot though - because I have no "fear" of faith. I simly do not waste the time. Not sure "hypocriticality" is a word...but I get what you're saying. There is nothing hypocritical in my stance on faith and religion. To be hypocritical, I would have to be a born again, bible thumping Christian in real life and be TFRF on BGP. That, believe me, is simply not the case.
  5. The dictionary's best definition for evangelical as it relates to the word used so commonly is "designating Christians, esp. of the late 1970s, eschewing the designation of fundamentalist but holding to a conservative interpretation of the Bible"
  6. Ummm, I'm no geographer but I'd say there are more Republicans who claim to be evangelical living in Iowa?
  7. Getting back on topic... I recieved a letter today in the mail from Andrew Horne asking for my support in his campaign. He looks to be a strong canidate. He has got to get the ball rolling with name recognition though.
  8. We have been instructed to get back on topic and discuss McConnell's opposistion, so if you want to bring up abortion is a more appropriate thread we can debate it.
  9. I was assuming that he became registered to vote in '78 and had his first presidential election in '80.
  10. Very good post, 5wide. I sincerely hope that Kentucky is a competitive state this fall despite who the 2 canidates are. If we end being an important swing state - of more importantly an important swing state in an area of the country that could produce a lot of electoral votes (Ohio and Virginia along with Kentucky) the nominees may actually spend a little time here listening to and addressing our concerns as a commonwealth and that will be a good thing for the state.
  11. Simple question: Do you think Pelphrey will ever coach at Kentucky? I think it comes down to how much success he has at Arkansas or wherever else he ends up. I am going out on a limb though and saying "Yes" at some point - Pelfrey will coach at UK.
  12. I remember Colgate was a 16 seed in the tournament a few times. An opener against Kansas in the mid - to late 90's I seem to remember. Anyway, 1.UK 2. EKU 3. Everyone else
  13. Many countries, many of which not socialist, have a Universal or National health care system. In fact, The US is the only industrialized nation to not have a single-payer Universal Health care implemented currently. Canada and the United Kingdom are two great examples of not socialist socities that have implemented and enjoy universal health care.
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