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  1. The last regional tourney at Powell wasn't really a 'good atmosphere'; there was a floor stampede / riot near the end of the Powell vs Breathitt game with multiple arrests. There is no rail etc to seperate the fans from the floor, it was crowded, and the refs allowed things to get out of control.
  2. Agreeing with yourself lol. Anyway, the 56th is not even the weakest in the 14th Region. The 55th is. (Breathitt, Wolfe, Riverside, Jackson City) In fact, I think that Lee and/or Estill will upset some 'top' teams before this season ends.
  3. Breathitt returns 1 solid contributor from last season (Dakota Ritchie). Taulbee, Haddix, Terry, Allen and a few others return from last season but did not average more than a few points/rebounds/assists per game last season. Nick Noble returns but is immediately hampered by an injured ankle. Jeremy Congleton (who sat out last season after transferring from Owsley) may also be injured. Added to this mix is a new (but familiar) head coach (Doug Noble) and a few players who didn't play last season (namely football star Channing Fugate). This is predictably a team that would tak
  4. Estill had 15 players in the scoring column. LINESCORE Estill Co. 100 Riverside Christian 12 Riverside Christian 2 5 2 3 12 Estill Co. 24 19 27 30 82 Food Mart Classic at Estill Co. Riverside Christian (0-8) -- Robinson 5, Ramey 2, Daniels 2, Moore 3. Estill Co. (5-8) -- Cackling 12, Hoover 9, Singleton 6, Walling 5, Wiseman 6, Coffey 7, Hammons 6, Williams 6, Roberts 12, Berryman 12, Abernathy 2, Birchfield 3, Covey 8, Davidson 5, Toler 1.
  5. Is that why Estill beat Riverside by 88 points yesterday? To improve their rankings (snicker snicker)? Lee also held Owsley to only 34 total points, and Wolfe (averaging 79 ppg) to 58 (at Wolfe). Pretty impressive defense at times. Occasionally Lee falls apart due to this being an entirely new team, but they are adjusting they sure haven't peaked. Anyway, Lee has a better overall record, is undefeated in region (Estill has 4 losses albeit to top teams) and has a better 'in district' record...and has beat Estill by 12. How can they be ranked below Estill? Most of these opinio
  6. NL isn't just Siedel, they also executed their offensive sets well. Defense was above average, and they shot the lights out. Lee looked half asleep, other than Pittman and Reece. Slow to rotate on their sets, slow on transition D, couldn't throw it in the ocean. I'm glad they had this game now and hope they learn something from it.
  7. North Laurels Josh Siedel had a great game - probably 30 or so. For Lee, D. Pittman scored around 15 including one drop-step two handed slam. Aaron Charles scored around 14 or so. All starters pulled early in the second half for lack of effort(?) when they were about 12 down. Lee couldn't throw it in the ocean from outside - about 0 for 20.
  8. Estill lost Blake Christopher and Josh Napier and returns Cackling, Hoover, Wiseman and Roberts. I think that Napier started sometimes and Roberts started sometimes. IMO, the loss of the versatile Christopher weakens them considerably, especially in the paint. It was hard to 'zone' Estill last season with Hoover, Cackling, Christopher and Napier looking for the three every possession. Lee lost point guard Josh Drake and defensive specialist Shane Taulbee. Returning are Charles, Pelfrey and Campbell. Gus Wise had a few starts last season but was normally the 6th man. Added are transfer
  9. I know....and he and his grandfather were very close. Sympathies and prayers go out to Tristan and his family.
  10. I don't buy it either. A potentially embarrassing 25 or 30 point loss to arch-rival PCC is what I think cancelled this game.
  11. Campbell hit a three and some free throws and played good d. Tyler usually scores several from offensive rebounds and put backs. Tonight, Pelfrey wiped the glass and didn't leave much for Tyler lol. Pelfrey had 12 boards, Charles had 8, Campbell and Pittman had several but not sure of the count. And this was against a pretty big Buckhorn squad. A good learning experience for both teams. Lee Co. 66 Buckhorn 60 Lee Co. (1-0) -- Charles 16, Pelfrey 25, Campbell 7, Childers 1, Wise 10, Pittman 5, Reece 2. Buckhorn (0-1) -- Blank 22, Stidham 13, Couch 4, Colwell 16, Day
  12. Solid- 5 points 5 rebounds, a couple of blocks. He is a young sophomore and is still learning his role on the team. Coach Wright went with a smaller line up last night, starting Derek Childers at the point and rotated Pittman in and out throughout the game. Reece came off of the bench with some good minutes too. I really like Pittman's game, and I think that he will have a big impact on this team and the 14th region.
  13. Lee scored easily once they got the ball down the floor. It was the turnovers (picked off passes) under Buckhorn's basket that led to easy conversions. Coach Wright did a good job of adjusting his inbounds play in the 4th. That particular turn over situation should be an easy fix in practice. Otherwise I'm pretty sure that Lee dominated in every catagory. Pelfrey was unstoppable under the basket, Charles penetrated well and dished, everyone rebounded well. Not taking anything away from the 'horn, they are well coached and scrappy, and Blank is tough.
  14. Congratulation Owls! Always hard to win over in McKee.
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