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  1. If my math is correct, 11 district games, (estill and owsley being the 12th), total point differential 23, eight overtime periods. Three pretty even teams.
  2. If Owsley beats Estill, will be three teams 4-2, so would depend on tie breaker.
  3. I'm not sure, but if 3 way tie, and 1st tie breaker doesn't work, don't they use record against other region team? Do you know for sure, professor? District is a toss-up, but edge to Estill since in their gym, although that doesn't seem to mean much this year.
  4. Lee and Estill rivalry has turned into a hot one, no doubt about it. Looks like Estill vs. Powell and Lee vs. Owsley in district, right?
  5. My baby going to play at that regional band, I'll be there with bells on. I think estill wins a close one, but Owsley may turn tables in Booneville. (I know game over, but I have no idea of outcome.)
  6. Lee trailed by 19 in third quarter, came back to win by nine.
  7. Your score probably right. Lee needed to win by three.
  8. I am sure Lee won, but score might be slightly off. I first heard Lee by four, but got this score. In any event, think it locks Lee in for number 2 seed in district. Five wins in a row for Lee, including a tough one over Ryle.
  9. Professor, as usual, is correct. Lee and Wolfe have played at least twice a year for as long as I can remember, and I am well into my 50's. In fact, during the realignment, one of the worst things that could have happened did, splitting Lee and Wolfe, but both schools wanted the rivalry kept going, and were successful.
  10. Lee County unusually deep. At least 10 kids that can play, and would probably start any other year.
  11. Lee County has about eight sophomores that are ready to play, plus Pittman. I really think they are going to surprise some teams.
  12. Very young this year. Pittman one of best in region. Probably year or so away, though.
  13. Played at Lee County. I know Owsley County's Evans had 39.
  14. A classic, one of best games I ever witnessed at any level.
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