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  1. When Mercer won the toss and deffered at opening kick-off I said "that's crazy to give Breathitt the ball when you don't have to?" Then when they kicked to Fugate it seemed clear...one bad decision often leads to another.
  2. Very hard for anyone to stop Breathitt tonight. Just a good warm-up for a couple of real tough games coming up. Brathitt by a bunch.
  3. Since the other thread was closed I'll answer the question about Channing here. No, he didn't dress for the game. He and other football players were at practice today and will hit the floor soon I suspect. And they will have a positive impact.
  4. Wow. Great job Bobcats. Hilton, Holcomb and Hazard! What a fun trip to Louisville!
  5. I don't see the game being all that close. I think Breathitt will control the game but maybe give up a couple of big plays for TD's. I think they win by at least two touchdowns with a final of maybe 27 to 14. I don't think the previous meeting means a lot right now nor do I see the last two Breathitt games as being too important. The truth is several of Breathitt's players have been gimpy the last few weeks especially the QB. I think most evryone is healthy for this Friday. I know Estill will bring a ton of fans and it should be a great atmosphere for HS football!
  6. Ha, I actually kinda hope that it does happen again. but I can understand Estill maybe prefering to play Harlan if the Engineers win this week.
  7. Hard to imagine that Harlan is 40 points better now then a few weeks ago. I think Breathitt wins by 16-21.
  8. Could happen. But it would be uncharactoristic of Coach Holcomb. If they fall behind you'll likely see more and more of what has brought the Bobcats this far and that's Channing Fugate. Once he starts having some success and the defense keys on him, you'll see some passing or the other running back step up. Breathitt teams are some of the best diciplined teams out there and whlle they have some missed assignments, they're infrequent. We haven't faced a real good passing team imo. How does Garrard pick up their yardage?
  9. Breathitt should win this one I think but it should be an exciting game. First round of the playoffs and a team coming in that Breathitt has never played, or even heard about for that matter. I look for a great atmosphere on the river bank and a big crowd.
  10. He had around 125 on the ground I think. He was recognized on the PA early in the game when he broke the single season rushing record at Breathitt and finished the game about 50 yards shy of 2K for the year. Had a good night defensivly also.
  11. I heard 408 and also 454 so someone else will have to get the exact stats, but his kid was amazing tonight. Breathitt's offensive line blocking and blocking downfield was pretty darn good also. Lex's runner had a decent night also with over 150 I think. (that's d a r n good by the way mods)
  12. I usually try not to post predictions in football because I end up being embarassed but I think Breathitt wins this game. I've watched Breathitt football for a long.. long time and believe me, crowds on the road do not seem to bother Breathitt much. Someone hit the nail on the head when they talked about the Breathitt receivers not quite being there yet. I think Jade has come into his own. The receivers are good and are fast, just a matter of confidence more then anything else I think. If ayone watched the Breathitt/Estill game you had to have notice that if Fugate had ran the whole game like he did on the last series and the line had blocked the whole game like they did in the 4th qtr. that game wouldn't have been real close. Plus Breathitt took a knee on like the 3 yd line 3 consecutive plays to end the game instead of scoring. I think there's a good chance Breathitt wins tonight by 7-14 points... but they have to limit turnovers. If they shoot themselves i the foot, it could turn out differently.
  13. I thought the Bobcats looked better in a couple of areas. First off, both their offensive and defensive line play was much improved. The passing game was also improved. Haddix hit a receiver in stride for like a 60 yd. TD pass and showed some scrambling ability, moving out of the pocket and hitting receivers down field. Are they where they need to be at the end of the season? Probably not but I see improvement each week. Boyd played Russell tough last week so I'm not sure they are "no count".
  14. Farice Woods has his own Coliseum named after him here in Breathitt County. The Farice O. Woods Coliseum. He still made it to some home games and was always recognized on the PA system at some point during the game, often coming out onto the floor for a round of applause. I know that a few years ago he would still take a couple of minutes to visit the locker room and offer encouragement to the kids before a big game. After all these years, in Breathitt County Coach Woods was still "the man".
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