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  1. Breathitt made some good changes scheme wise last week. They went back to the old confusion D that they run back during their 02 championship run. Defensively they looked much better. On offense they still continue to struggle. However, if they can get Channing back and build some confidense the next 3 games they could be a tough out come playoff time. The key is they must be able to pass the ball effectivley in order to get Channing some room to run.
  2. I got mine this morning also. Section 17 row D seats 1-6. I can't wait to see the cat's in action.
  3. Good game for P-Burg. I think that once Breathitt gets several of their key players back they will be alright. They had 4 senior starters off their defense and also 3 offensive starters. That is alot of leadership considering they are thin in numbers already. I still think that they have to do a better job in the passing attack to be the club we think they can be. Jade has struggled more this year than I expected. Good player and I expect he will be alright. It's hard to take 2 losses that easily could have been wins.
  4. I have never been to Sheldon Clarks field. Could someone help me out with some directions? I have tried the address it gives online and mapquest doesn't seem to recognize their address.
  5. He is a real good player. I think that everyone expected him to be just like his brother Justin and it kinda put some added pressure on him. He doesn't pass the ball as good as Justin did but he is quicker and probably a better defensive player. What people don't understand is how strong this kid is. I was told by his dad last year that he was benching over 325. That's pretty stout for a QB. He is definatley a headhunter on defense.
  6. I don't have official stats for tackles but he was always around the ball. He had several pass breakups and made several good tackles. I think he gets overlooked for his defensive ability. He is probably the best defensive player we have.
  7. I figured the defense would be a little behind the offense this year considering they have a new coach and scheme. They have a pretty good core of players that has some youth getting their first highschool action. I beleive they will be better defensivley by the end of the year than they where last year.
  8. This should be a good matchup for week 1. From what I had heard from the preseason Sheldon Clark has the potential to make some noise in the east this year. I think that Breathitt keeps rolling in this one by the tune of 42-14. To much Channing and Haddix in this one. I also look for Breathitt to continue developing their passing attack. What's your thoughts on this one?
  9. I thought that Breathitt looked pretty good for the 1st game of the season. I have never seen a guy the size of Channing run away from defenses like he does. He made some cuts that was unbeleivable last night. This team has the potential to be really good as the season progresses and they get some expereience under their belt.
  10. I also see that this game is being playes on a saturday night in Campbelsville. What fiels is this at and is it some kind of bowl game?
  11. What does everyone think about this week 1 matchup. From everything I have read Mercer seems to have some question marks heading into the season opener. I see Breathitt winning this one by 4 to 5 touchdowns.
  12. I was wondering what was Letcher supposed to have returning this year? I know that they lost their QB from last year. Was they supposed to be pretty good this season?
  13. I really thought that the running game for Letcher moved the ball some at times. Their passing game was dead in the water and it seemed as though Breathitt's D-Line got to the quarterback at will. I can't say enough about Jade though. He seems to finally be living up to the expectations that all Breathitt fans had for him following in his brothers footsteps. I was impressed with a few of the freshmen also, especialy Trent. I think he will be a good linebacker for us this year.
  14. Over all the defense did play pretty good. I thought they had a few missed assignments. That should be expected. We lost a big part of our program in Coach Chapman. I was most impressed with our passing game. It looked real good. Haddix has improved tremendously with the help of Fletcher, Ritchie and others stepping in. I think that Josh Fletcher has the ability to be one of the best receivers in the mountains this year. This kid has the size, speed and hands and is only a sophomore.
  15. I was at this game and I thought that Breathitt looked pretty good offensively. We scored 10 or so touchdowns and didn't give up any during the varsity portion. I thought that Jade improved tremendously with his passes and of course Channing done his thing. This offense should be very hard to stop with the options Coach Holcomb has at his disposal. I thought the defense had alot of room for improvement but that's to be expected considering we have a new defensive coach and are running a new scheme this year.
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