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  1. What happend there. Sounded like he carried his block too far out of bounds. Is that what you heard?
  2. Partial power failure/surge. No scoreboard or clocks. Trying to keep time on field. It is a bit of chaos right now.
  3. This center is having all sorts of trouble for Somerset. Snapped into endzone on 4 down for a safety. 16-7 Breahitt..Somerset kicking off.
  4. Trent is a one man wrecking crew. They need to just turn him loose.
  5. Yeah just talking with some people who were at the game. I guess it was 27-0 at the end of one and then Breathitt scored and got a safety at the very start of the 2nd qter. After that all starters were pulled and they agreed on running clock for rest of game. So Breathitt's JV played all of 2nd qtr plus entire 2nd half.
  6. Half time yet? I thought this one might get out of hand.
  7. LCC has proven they are number 3, followed by Breathitt County, Buckhorn, and Hazard. I don't follow it that much, but didn't Breathitt beat LCC at LCC earlier this year? Scratch that I looked at the score wrong. LCC actually won that game in overtime by 3.
  8. You are exactly right. I have worked in Winchester for years and several of my coworkers have had kids to play for the program. I have been to a few games and from what I have seen they have all the talent in the world just about every year I have seen them play. With the right coach and the right system this school could become a dominant program year in and year out in my opinion.
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