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  1. Great effort by both teams. Pulaski showed no let up the entire game. They do not look the part but they are a team of hustling and teamwork. Not sure who he is but number 25 has an awkward but accurate shot. He was dialed in when he shot from three. He almost sank a full court shot that wasn't close to counting but was still lots of fun to see. Clark is very athletic and should have a very good season well into March.
  2. Look at the last 40 years of football in Kentucky. Anything stick out as........odd for lack of a better term. You do not have to be beaten by a private school to realize if you make it to the last game chances are your going to play one. The number of championships are staggering and not unnoticed. Come on its like a white elephant in the room everybody looks at and says, " What elephant" ! Rant over!
  3. To play at a public school you have to meet a geographical requirement to be eligible, live within the district you play. To my knowledge not so for private schools. Not trying to start a public private debate, just repeating reasons given in and around Clark county for the demise of football participation. May not be the same in your county. There are several things across the state that could be seen as an advantage for some.
  4. The frustration that is 6A football in Kentucky, losing every year to a private school that plays by a different set of rules than public schools do. Not trying to start a fight but the kids see no hope of ever winning in this environment. Clark County recently went back to one middle school and this has caused many kids not to have an opportunity to play after civitan football. Add to this the research and findings regarding concussions and the long term effect, football I am afraid is becoming a sport many parents and kids opt out of. I wish Clark County could turn this around and become the formidable foe of yester year. In todays climate, with all the things I've mentioned and more, it looks like mediocrity is the pattern of the future for football in Clark County. It will take a great motivator and coach to field a winning team anytime soon. I hope this coach can see the path to success or maybe his predecessor will.
  5. The same powerhouse ACC that was beaten by an OVC powerhouse by 28 in Miami! Power conference does not come to mind when you mention ACC! Can you say over rated! :sssh::sssh:
  6. Check the statistics on gay unions, same numbers. Point invalid.
  7. There is the problem with this whole issue. You open the flood gates and every sexual desire no matter how destructive is given legitimacy. Where do you stop? When does the next sexual desire say I am being discriminated against? Homosexuality is nothing more than the quenching of a sexual desire or preference. There has to come a point where society says this is the limit whether it be religious beliefs or good old common sense we must have rules. Is it wrong to be a homosexual? It is for me due to religious beliefs. Does your desire affect me? Not at this point. Then you do what you feel is right, Government does not need to make it alright if you feel you are doing nothing wrong. We as Americans cannot keep giving legitimacy to every group who cries foul. When does it stop?
  8. FedEx should do a commercial on how easy it is to deliver a package if no one puts any obstacles in the way.
  9. FedEx should do a commercial on how easy it is to deliver a package if no one puts any obstacles in the way.:lol:
  10. I do not think the tournament format is the problem. I believe the playing field needs to be leveled so that all-star teams cannot be formed and you must play with what you got! The disparity comes when counties and school systems allow anyone to play anywhere they want. I know the KHSAA has rules but they need to be tightened if you want more competition in basketball as well as football. Fairness should be the quest!
  11. This GRC team has nothing to hang their heads over! This team lost 95% of their scoring from a year ago. They were not picked pre-season to win their district or region! They became one of mine and many other GRC fans favorite teams to have represented our school and county. You guys played hard every game and I will always respect your never quit style! Good luck to those moving on and always play hard!:notworthy::ylsuper:
  12. You can bet Coach H will have a plan and his team of blue-collar ballplayers will play with all they have! GRC has the guards and the heart to win 31 games this year and tonight they will make it 32 on a Bopper three at the buzzer! GRC 58 -T 55!:ylsuper::popcorn::taz:
  13. I personally don't know why they are even bothering with the games! Just present the trophy to Trinity and we can all do something else this week-end!:idunno:
  14. Go ahead and pack up your trophy. You can sit it right beside Eastern's from last year! They were a "Lock" also, as I remember!:popcorn:
  15. Taylor Howard is a very under rated part of this GRC team. He was playing at the YMCA this time last year and now will be starting as a senior on the tenth region champs. He brings a lot of pure hustle to the team and the part that is hard to believe when you see him play is how he hasn't been playing high school ball before now! Good kid too!:thumb:
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