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  1. The W-F sessions need to begin earlier, 10:30 and Noon and 4:30 and 6:00. Saturday can be something like 2:00 and 3:30. Championship begins at Noon Sunday. If your attending any of the games you are likely off work anyway so moving the times up doesn't hurt. OR just go back to the old Saturday Night Championship. As someone that's been attending every game for close to the last 10 years the new format is not only costlier but more exhausting. With the times I proposed people that are staying for the entire tournament would have their evenings more available to enjoy themselves. Also they wouldn't have to wait around for a 2:00 championship game on Sunday. I also believe that the NCAA Tournament didn't hurt the Sweet 16 as much as it may have helped it. This year there was nothing to watch on TV between sessions or in the evenings after the Sweet 16 games conlcuded. I think having the Sweet 16 during March Madness creates an awesome atmosphere in Lexington.
  2. Does he have two years remaining? I know he redshirted as a freshman due to his acl injury. But does he still have his senior year to be able to play, plus his grad transfer year?
  3. I know coming out of HS Bolden was a huge UK fan and I believe called it his dream school at one point. Cal could certainly use his leadership and shooting. I’ll never forget when Bolden as a sophomore faced off against Senior Dominique Hawkins in the State Tournament and in my opinion out played him. Whoever gets Beetle is getting someone that will help their program in a big way.
  4. Junior guard James Bolden has decided to leave the WVU program and become a grad transfer. Great kid, great player and a warrior on the court. West Virginia is a mess right now and Bolden has had an injury plagued season as well. Can’t blame him for leaving. I’d love to see him finish his career out closer to home, NKU maybe. For me he’s the most exciting player to come out of NKY in the last 10 years.
  5. Word is the Lakers have pulled out of the Davis sweepstakes. I can't say I blame them.
  6. NKU wins their 5th straight. Vogt led the way with 20 points, 14 boards and 3 blocks. That’s huge for his confidence not only for the rest of this year, but moving forward after McDonald graduates.
  7. I think the biggest thing to like about Roark other than his durability is the fact he’s a proven MLB pitcher. How many of those do the Reds currently have? Also Tanner Rainey had a big arm, but looked lost last year in limited appearances.
  8. One of the most durable starting pitchers in the game. Not a bad option at the back of the rotation or in the pen if need be.
  9. Reds have acquired Tanner Roark from the Nats in exchange for Tanner Rainey.
  10. Once an athlete notifies the school of intent to transfer, the school (UK in this instance) have two days to enter the transferring athlete into the NCAA portal. This portal allows the transfer to be recruited again just as if they were still in HS, it's a more ethical approach than it was before. Schools can constantly monitor the portal and reach out to an athlete if they are interested in them. This method gives the athlete more control than the school, it also puts an end to restricting an athlete from transferring to certain school.
  11. I don’t know how good they’ll be next year because I don’t know who will be coming back. What I do know is that Tyrese Maxey and Kahlil Whitney are both superstar caliber players. Seems like Cal has been getting second tier five stars, Maxey and Whitney are the cream of the crop.
  12. The difference is Listerman is no longer sitting on the sidelines. There is really no comparing this Bulldog team to the ones of the last few years. While the talent level still may be a little down Coach Carr does a fantastic job of playing to Holmes strengths. They are fast and athletic and the other teams will feel it this year.
  13. Pouncy/Green for Holmes. I’d say Pouncy is more of the PG but they both handle the ball. I haven’t seen many games but Dixie’s PG has to be one of if not the best.
  14. Holmes has a nice mix of talent. They are fast and relentless on D. Really impressed with Green and Pouncy, both are poised and very good players. Is Green new to the team, I’ve never heard much about him and he has to be one of the best guards in the region. Calloway is a huge spark off the bench with unlimited range and crazy athleticism. I love seeing the bulldogs posing a threat to teams once again.
  15. I had this game on just long enough to see that it was being played at the United Center. I'll be attending the Champions classic in a couple weeks at the United Center, my fiance grew up in Columbus and is a big fan of the buckeyes and I'm a UK fan. Hopefully this game makes them a little more comfortable and gives them a slight advantage in their game against the Bruins, I really dislike UCLA.
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