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  1. I guess they miss Hensley now! That is what should have happen I just hate it for the kids, they will learn not to run good coaching and people off.
  2. I hope we go far does any one see them going to "state''.
  3. I hope Harlan pulls this off, but if Estill speads them out to run the ball I think they will beat Harlan, if not Harlan will stop the run. Also I hope Harlan has something else to bring besides running off tackle every time. I just don't see Harlan running off tackle every play and going very far, but hey it did work last week. Also is the QB going to be back this game for Harlan. I'll take Harlan 28-26 in a close one.
  4. I don't know about that. I for one have talked alot about HC and how they would do almost every game. I would have to say Corbin is a lot better than us right now. Mboro played a heck of a game last week against a pretty good team. I look at the scores against Lee County and it seems too be a toss up! But who knows this year the way things been going.
  5. Harlan County 30 Powell County 6 at the Half!!!!!
  6. Don't get me wrong pats4life the coaches do a great job, we just need to teach the players to kick. I think it was all started back when John Luttrell was the coach at Cawood. Not saying it's a bad thing it just kills our younger kids and kicking game because we never use it.
  7. Kicking is not a natural ability it has to be taught we're just saying instead of just kicking onside kicks every time teach the kids to kick. coach it during practice not just have a try out and use the best one. Take a few of them and coach them to kick and then allow them to do this during practice.
  8. You got that right. If I where Larkey I would not let my Middle on side kick unless they had to have it to Win. I think it's sorry that we on side kick everytime and yes it has killed our kicking!
  9. Your right and I really think it will be close too. I would just like to see Harlan pull out a Win that can boost the rest of the season! But than likely it will be no more than a touchdown game either way.
  10. I give up!! to be Harlan County fans you all sure no alot about other teams. If your watching HCHS every weekend then how do you know how good other teams our besides looking at score. I know Breathitt has been good it the past but it not the same team. I won't post anything else about what I think the score may be since everyone likes commenting what I think. I would just like to see us going out every week knowing we can win and get the mental edge. But it will be a hard fought ballgame and I can tell you I will be there and everygame I won't pick and choose!!!!!!!
  11. Whats your take? Harlan-38 BC- 14 :flame:Bobcats
  12. Well I'm sorry I thought it would be at Harlan, lol All it takes is one comment and everybody gets up tight.
  13. I know they are good thats not what I'm saying if Harlan win their district then all their playoff games will be at home until state!!!!!!!!!
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