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  1. Grant, Parks, M Williams, Fox, Lester, Luttrell, Thomas bros, Collins, Miniard, Alred, thats ten just off the top of my head, and all of these played college ball.
  2. Just trying to be nice, and I agree that Loyall was the foundation of his rise, I as well is one proud Indian, so I know what greatness came from that end of the county. Now before you go off the deep end I am not referring to myself.
  3. Evarts team has Black Mountain Middle students that also play with them, so its eight schools for three teams. Some of these schools are small and wouldn't have enough to field a team. Green Hill, and Black Mt for sure, and maybe JACES or Cawood Ele.
  4. I couldn't make out some of the faces, but 13 does look like Freddy my guess was based on I didn't see Rex Estridge who was on the 68 team or Donnie McClain who was a grad in 73. My lord I don't feel this old.
  5. The TOASTER!!! During his last year the coaching staff tinkered with letting him run the ball in short yardage situations, hince the toaster was born.
  6. Harlan 1A 1 middle school Harlan County 5A 3 Middle School teams
  7. I think #13 is coach Hunter's son Freddy, I was thinking 70-71.
  8. From what he said the entire staff will still be there next year.
  9. It does my heart good to know that my friend (Lungbuster) goes all out to tell the world about the greatness of a former Dragon. :thumb: Keep spreading the word, we are not so bad after all.
  10. Really no reason to comment on the 52nd, all of the teams are just not playing very good at the end of the season.
  11. HDE should be feeling the pressure, after this beating!
  12. I thought someone would have remembered the nickname by now, hint, it is found in the kitchen of most homes. Mountain Warrior be over at the field at 4:00 on Wednesday if you can.
  13. A little Luttrell triva for you to ponder. What was the nickname that was given to John during his playing days at Union College? Mountain warrior your not included!
  14. Ben Madon, he is about 6'3" and has a good arm, saw him play in some JV games and he seems ready to step up and take the rains.
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