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Hello Everyone!

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I just wanted to begin by saying "Hello" to everyone here on Bluegrass Preps & become a part of the site.


I am close to someone who is an avid sports fan so & I decided to check out this site for myself after learning a little bit about it.


My friends tell me that I look somewhat like Jaclyn Smith all the time, although I am quite a bit younger than Jaclyn, thus the name & avatar. I am also a fan of the actress.


I look forward to meeting everyone!


Have a great weekend!


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Jaclyn Smith - Welcome to BluegrassPreps.com!


I'm sure you'll enjoy all the great things and great people you find here. You can find answers to a lot of questions that many new posters have asked in this thread.


My best advice would be to read the rules page by clicking here. That will guide you in what is and isn't allowed on BGP. These rules are what sets BGP apart and makes it an enjoyable place to be.


If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me, any of the moderators or one of the many helpful posters here on BGP. :thumb:

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You'll do just fine...a couple of the guys who have posted in this thread have helped me a lot...and have done their best to keep me out of trouble.....actually they've been very very nice to me.....and I thank them.....and you'll find that they will always be fair with you...oh they'll pull a couple on you every once in a while...but only in fun :D

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