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  1. I watched this again today on Encore! It's a great movie!
  2. Excellent post! :thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb:
  3. PointsInThePaint, I'm no expert, but what I do know about officiating a basketball game is that sometimes the plays happen to go right into one officials lap for extended periods during the game. Did he get the calls right? If he did, then your criticism is unfounded. :sssh: I think I know who this official was and I can tell you if it was him, he doesn't care who wins or loses. IMOM, You are correct, if we are talking about the same person. He originally grew up in the 16th Region, but has lived in central KY for quite a long time. :thumb:
  4. I just read where I - 64 westbound is closed between mile markers 44 and 46. Here is the link. WLEX-18
  5. I don't know who the person was, but I don't think I would refer to him as a "little official". Maybe he could be referred to as the "shorter of the 3 officials", if in fact that were the case. :thumb:
  6. I think you meant to say with 0:00.3 (three tenths) of a second left. That's the rule.
  7. You "guys" are pretty bad! I will admit, I got a laugh out of these comments though! :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:
  8. After reading through this post the other day, I decided to ask my friend who is very knowledgeable about officials in the 10th & 11th Regions. The association is called the Bluegrass Basketball Association (BBA). The veterans and the best officials of the BBA who are always on the biggest games are Wade Branscum, Clayton Brooks, Ken Catron, John Chamberlain, Kirk Hudson, Bart Lenox, Larry Lewis, Cary Lyle, Bo Queen, Sherriane Shuey, J. T. Taylor, Eric Thornsbury, Jerry Thornsbury, Kevin Walter, Don Werner, Jack Whittemore, and Gary Wilson. Some of the newer members, or younger officials, that were mentioned and are good and "up and coming officials" are Royce Blevins, Rod Bristow, Charlie Burke, Mark Johnston, Jim McMillin, Keith Morgan, Dustin Music, Ryan Sallee, Jeff Singleton, Terry Smith, and Jimmy Sparks. My friend said that there are probably some names left out. Mike Goins recently retired and is now the assistant assignor for the BBA. As someone previously stated, John Chamberlain isn't officiating this year.
  9. Welcome to Bluegrass Preps!
  10. Mike Fields wrote the information below in today's Lexington-Herald Leader. Maybe this will clear up a lot of questions. It was not a misprint. Dunbar's boys opened the basketball season with an 87-8 victory over Frankfort. Dunbar led 34-0 early in the second quarter. After Frankfort hit a free throw, the host Bulldogs went on another 34-0 streak to make it 68-1 midway through the third quarter. Frankfort, which missed 29 of 32 shots and made 28 turnovers, was missing several key players, including star E.J. Fields, who are still with the Panthers' football team that faces Beechwood in the Class A semifinals tonight.
  11. I'm sorry I missed it too! I hope it was a good one!
  12. I agree with many of the other posts and I think that "Friends" was the last really great sitcom.
  13. I agree with you Gus. There is nothing wrong with breastfeeding, but I personally wouldn't feel comfortable doing it in public whether it is allowed or not. That's what they make bottles for! You can put breast milk there and take it to the restaurant with you!
  14. It's just a shame and an emotional trama that the mother will have to deal with the rest of her life. :cry: I can't imagine what it would feel like and I don't ever want to know!
  15. Here is another way for you to secure a wireless router that was provided to me by someone else. Check your router's "broadcast SSID" setting and disable it if it isn't already. While you're there you should probably rename it too - something other than "Linksys". Check if you have a General tab might be there. Also, check MAC Filtering. Input the addresses of the devices that you allow access to the Internet through your router. The MAC Address for your wireless card is printed on it, probably close to the card's serial number. I did forget to mention WEP/WAP (wireless encryption) with is basically putting a password on your router that each device must know when it tries to access. I'm not sure how the PSP handles encrypted networks. Good luck!
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