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  1. Proud of Jared! He has a tireless work ethic and deserves all the recognition he gets.
  2. Not sure it means a whole lot now, but I just read Jake Ohmer's comments to Ledger writer Evan Dennison and Ohmer stated that he was trying to draw the foul, but there wasn't one so he just shot it. He said, "I knew it was good when it left my hands!"
  3. You said it, "In my opinion!" Your opinion was not the same as the coaches in the 10th region who voted. You don't have to cut down a team or school. Also, Canada is a nice player I agree, however he only played in 11 games this season. His injuries may have hurt his chances with some coaches.
  4. Congrats to all players nominated! Especially Junior Mason Burden!
  5. Thanks Mustang! I appreciate the kind words! I am blessed to have the opportunity to coach quality students athletes such as the ones at Robertson Co. They've worked hard this season and have improved from beginning to end. They've grown as players, but more importantly people. They've accomplished a lot this season. Thanks to Coach John Brown for teaching these kids how to play basketball which made the transition for a new coach much easier. We've increased our win total to 16, finished with a winning season, and brought home Championship hardware at a Christmas tournament. We're going to miss our 3 seniors: Dakota Moore, Austin Dugan, Myles Murphy! They've been a pleasure to get to know and coach! I'd love for any of my three children to grow up to be the people they are! Proud of my Black Devils! Best of luck to Coach Brooks and his Greyhounds! They're a great bunch of athletes and people! I wish them well!
  6. It was played in Benton, Ky. The Black Devils drove 6 hours for the tournament! Christian Fellowship did an excellent job hosting this small school Christmas Tournament. The Black Devils defeated Fulton City, Dawson Springs, and Fulton Co. to win the tournament. Dawson Springs and Fulton Co. are two well coached ball clubs! Black Devils definitely got better this week!
  7. The Robertson Co. Black Devils capture 1st place in the Itty Bitty Trees and Trends Christmas Tournament. Congrats to Mason Burden, Austin Dugan, and Alex Schalch for being named to the All Tournament Team.
  8. Black Devils advance to the finals of the Itty Bitty Trees and Trends Tournament in Benton, Ky with a 46-44 win over a good Dawson Springs team! Mason Burden lead the way with 22 points and 7 rebounds and Alex Schalch chipped in 16 points. Black Devils are currently 6-3 They will play in the finals at 6:00 CST
  9. Final from the Itty Bitty Trees and Trends Holiday Tournament. Mason Burden scored 31 points and Alex Schalch pitched in 11 and 7 rebounds. Robertson Co. plays Dawson Springs at noon
  10. Did Philpott not play? Another very talented freshman!
  11. Big win for my Black Devils tonight. Played well as a team! Mason Burden 25 points 6 assists Austin Dugan 14 points 6 rebs Alex Schalch 8 points 10 boards Dakota Moore 16 on 8-8 fgs
  12. In reference to ESPNDeux - That's an incorrect statement Dayton 18/30 Villa 4/6
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