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  1. The amazing thing about the shot was it was a true jump shot. Couldn't believe the strength he had. He took about three dribbles and pulls up. Seen it with my own eyes and still don't believe it. He was an absolute pleasure to watch. Great player and an even better person.
  2. Think I would use the LIT, Cantrell, and coaches poll to determine seeding.
  3. I agree. I was thinking same thing when I typed it. With some tweaking I think this would work.
  4. MeanGene it was good visiting with you Saturday at the BC/GRC game. I agree Cooper can flat shot the ball. Hopefully I'll see you during the tournaments.
  5. Just thought playing semi and championship would get them partially ready for possibly playing four straight days in the Sweet 16.
  6. Fill me in on the district. Would they still have the district tournaments? If so how would this change seeding? With the super region I thought districts would not be needed.
  7. What about this Vito? Monday @ Harrison Campbell/St Pat Mason / Brossart Monday @ Mason Scott/Augusta Bracken/Montgomery Tuesday @ Campbell Middle Paris/Calvary Bourbon/Nicholas Tuesday @ Montgomery GRC/Robertson Pendleton/Harrison Saturday @ Mason All quarter final games. Two game afternoon session. Two game evening session. Monday @ Mason Semi-finals Tuesday @ Mason Championship
  8. I like the top 8 getting home games. However, I'm just throwing ideas out there. For the casual fan who likes to take in as many games as possible. What if you did four pods for the first round. Play all four upper bracket games on the same night. But play two games at a neutral site and play the other two at another neutral site. Then play the lower bracket at two sites the next night. For casual fans they would get to see two games. They would just have to choose which two they would want to see. Overall, I like the idea of a Super Region.
  9. Who said I was a democrat? Don't like Trump or Clinton. Enough about politics. I haven't mentioned if I'm for seeding or not. I'm just asking why BC is in favor of seeding now when they were not in favor before this current alignment?
  10. For this year maybe. But on a yearly bases Bracken and Silver Grove would be the bottom feeders. Sure seeding wouldn't be mentioned by the BC faithful.
  11. Question for all the Bracken County fans in favor of seeding. Why did you all never push for or vote to seed when you were in a district with Brossart, Campbell, Pendleton, and Silver Grove? Would it be that you traditionally would have been in the 4/5 game? If that district still existed would you be crying for the seed?
  12. 3:00 Robertson County (Girls) vs Burgin 4:30 Robertson County vs Burgin 6:00 Mason County vs Magoffin County 7:30 Bracken County Vs Elliott County
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