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NKY Top 10, Aug 23rd edition

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I mean maybe its time for me just to draw names out of a hat and rank them that way.  The way the last week has gone that might be as good as what I am going to publish below.  Sorry for the day delay but "life" got in the way to get this done yesterday.  There is no way for me to not take into effect the games that occurred last night so I will self admit those results last night did in fact influence some of my decisions on the rankings.

Here we go:

1. Notre Dame (4-1)

  • Finally took a loss last night against South Oldham, I realize they have had to deal with some unfortunate injuries to key players but as far as the NKY goes I still like them at the top of the rankings
  • Later this week they have 2 big games vs State Powerhouses Assumption & West Jess

2. Cooper (3-1)

  • This might be a little to big of a jump for the Lady Jags but lets see how they handle it.  Congrats to M. Alexander on becoming the All Time assist leader for Cooper and their big win last night against Dixie, first time ever beating that program.
  • This week they play NCC and then travel to Gatlinburg, TN

3. Dixie (3-3)

  • A little 2 game slide but against good competition South Oldham and Cooper, after their revenge win against Camp County
  • Later this week they are packing their bags to Gatlinburg, TN

4. Campbell County (4-2-1)

  • After the gauntlet of games they started the season on winning 4 in a row and bringing back the Fayette County Showcase Trophy they haven't posted a win since.
  • Luckily they take a little bit of a break this week and don't have a game till Sat against Ryle, should be a good game for them to get back their bearings.

5. Conner (4-2-1)

  • This team is playing some great defense, not letting any game get away from them to be able to sneak away with a win.  Tying Highlands last week and only losing to NDA 1-0, shows me that this team is ready to compete for the Top spots in NKY.
  • They get to beat up on Boone Co on Weds before they pack their bags for Gatlinburg, TN

6. Highlands (1-3-1)

  • This might be a pretty far slide in some peoples opinions but I can't rank teams on "potential" because right now that's all Highlands has, they aren't executing in these games to put balls in the back of the nets and Wins in the Win column.  Again, they have the "potential" to bounce back and get back to the top of the standings, unfortunately their extremely tough Strength of Schedule (source Maher Rankings) might be biting them in the behind.....or hopefully will be making them better in the future exposing them on what needs to be fixed.
  • The 2 games this week aren't cupcakes either, the Birds have the only undefeated team left in the Top 10 St Henry and then the #3 Indiana girls team in the Maher Rankings East Central, IN... #GOBIRDS!!!

7. St. Henry (4-0)

  • Before I really throw St. Henry up the rankings I don't want to be fooled like I have been before. I think their next 2 games this week will really tell me if they are the real deal against Highlands on Weds and Manual on Saturday.

8. Simon Kenton (5-1-2)

  • They had a very nice successful run down in Gatlinburg, TN last weekend to inflate their Win column.  Unfortunately, its going to be a week and a half before they truly get someone to challenge them when they play Cooper on 8/31.

9. Bishop Brossart (2-2)

  • Lost a nail biter last night against GRC 1-0.  

10. Holy Cross (3-1)

  • Still thinking they round out my Top 10 but barely, not impressed with only a 2-1 win against Scott last night.  Hope they can rebound and beat Beechwood at the end of the week or we might be saying, Bye Bye to Holy Cross for a while.

Ryle and Beechwood are chomping at the bit if any of these back end teams slip a little more and they can put together some wins themselves.


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St. Henry is about to rocket up these rankings.  Sometimes just having the best player and a great supporting cast is all you need.  I think NDA is the only team in NKY I'd say is decisively better than the Cru, not that they'd beat Cooper, Dixie, et al, but I think those games would be close to toss-ups.

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Agree that the 2-1 HC win against Scott was closer than what I expected.  I feel like HC passed well and honestly controlled most of the game they just could not finish  and hit the back of the net.  Beechwood and Campbell County Sat and Monday will be good tests for the Indians. 

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