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Danville Suspensions


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This story just hit the AP wire....


Football players banished for rest of year


DANVILLE, Ky. (AP) --The Danville High School administration is investigating four students in connection with an incident in a school parking lot.

Principal Win Smith says the students were all members of the high school football team. Danville plays Newport Central Catholic Friday for the Class A state championship.

Smith cited ``confidentiality requirements'' in declining to name the students or describe the nature of the incident. It was reported in Sunday's Danville Advocate newspaper that four members of the football team were suspended from the team for the remainder of the year.

Officials have not acknowledged the suspensions had any connection with last Friday morning's incident. Coach Sam Harp confirmed after a semi-final game last Friday night that he had suspended four players for disciplinary reasons. The players are all under the age of 18.


(Copyright 2006 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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Without naming anyone or anything, could someone explain what the "incident" was?


We can't discuss the nature of the incident on BGP. Number one, these are juveniles and number two, our rules prohibit it.



9. No discussion of ANY criminal behavior (charged or uncharged) in the high school forums. Discussion of adult criminal behavior is permitted in all non-high school forums. However, discussion of criminal behavior by juveniles (anyone under 18) is never permitted anywhere on BGP.



We also don't want to get into any naming of names for the same reasons.


So, at this point, lets just know that some players were involved in a prank at school that resulted in their suspensions from the team and they will not be participating in the finals game this Friday.


And we will just have to leave it at that.

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