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NKY Baseball Chatter


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Just making a central area for us to come and discuss high school baseball updates for our small part of this wonderful state!


Below are some of the NKY finals for 3/18


Boone Co. 11 NCC 0 (5 innings)

Bracken Co. 11 Newport 10

Calvary 21 CovLatin 6 (3 innings)

Conner 11 Carroll Co. 3

Gallatin Co. 3 Villa 1

Harrison Co. 4 Walton 2

Ludlow 11 Dayton 3

St. Henry 8 Campbell Co. 1

Pendleton Co. 10 Holmes 3

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Below are some NKY games that will take place today.


Pendleton County - vs.Calvary Christian - 5:30 PM

Scott - at Beechwood - 5:30 PM

Bellevue - at Campbell County - 5:00 PM

Conner - at Grant County - 5:30 PM

Lloyd Memorial - at Holy Cross (Covington) - 5:00 PM

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If Grant Co. is considered NKY, Then I think Williamstown should be also since Williamstown is in Grant Co. Just sayin.


I think Grant got mentioned more because they happen to be playing Conner (who is in NKY).

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