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Simon Kenton 75 Mason County 72

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Nothing official but I'm going to be close on most of these. Kelch 18, Neace 15, Robinson 11 and I'd venture to guess close to 20 boards. Hensley had 11, Krohman was around 10, Perry had a few threes. I believe Dunaway had 22 for Mason.

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SK played most of the first half without Kelch who was in foul trouble (2) within the first few minutes of play. SK led 21-15 after the first and 34-27 at the half. Krohman hit two corner rainbows and Perry also hit two treys.


In the third quarter SK stretched the lead leading 59-42 after three. Robinson absolutely crushed the glass, watch out for this kid, he's an athletic tank. Loved the high low pass to Kelch for the flush, SK did a great job as a complete team during the run.


It got too close in the 4th, SK didn't react well to the Mason pressure and had multiple turnovers which fueled the Royals. At the 2:14 mark SK led 69-66 but missed two from the stripe. Still leading by three Neace converted from 19'9" on a wing jumper, it was a big shot, perhaps a bit too soon in the possession. I love the fact he's a freshman and appears to be fearless. Kelch hit a bucket with 1:03 stretching it back to eight.


SK hosts Highlands tomorrow night.

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Ol' pap had this one in the contest.


Same here. I chose SK because of the home court advantage.


Kelch 18 points 8 rebounds

Niece 15

Robinson 13 and 19 rebounds

Perry 9

Krohman 8

Kitchens 5 and 4 assists

Hensley 4 and 6 assists

Lair 3

Thanks so much for a complete list of stats and not just scores. 19 rebounds is crushing the glass. Great job young man. Hensley with 6 assists is a player that sees the floor well and unselfish. Do you know the turnovers for each team. A lot of times that can make a big difference as well as FT made.


Really impressed on Mason being down by 22 and didn't fold but fought their way back and had several opportunities to tie the score late in the game. Don't sleep on this Mason Co team. They will only get better.

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