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  1. There are 12 Louisville schools and 4 "state" schools invited. They seed the top 4 Louisville schools and they have a bye in the 1st round and I believe the other 8 Louisville schools are drawn to see who plays who. The winners of those games play the 4 seeded Louisville schools in the 2nd round. The winners of those games play the the "state" schools in the 3rd round. Then on to the final 4 and championship game. I'm pretty sure that's how it goes but others on here probably know better then me.
  2. To the 70% that picked CC...please tell us you are picking the Steelers on Sunday
  3. The old adage "be careful of what you ask for" creeps into mind when you talk about getting a "big name coach." It's doesn't seem to be working out for the folks in Union right now.
  4. I think this is Anderson's year. They are hungry and are looking to avenge last year's loss in the finals. Barring injuries I'm picking them to dethrone the Pioneers.
  5. The SK frosh play Conner tonight (The). Nelson started against Cov. Cath. I'll let you know if he starts tonight. If he doesn't Jason Turner is the number 2.
  6. I have to say this.. My son plays for SK frosh, and as hard as it is for me to say being a Dixie alum from many moons ago, we sat on the shaded side of the field last evening, pretty much in the middle of the Cov. Cath fans, and I was impressed by their behavior throughout the game. The score looks like a blowout, but it was a little closer than it looked. I heard no derogatory comments, no yelling at the officials, just positive encouragement and cheering for their boys. The rest of us fans can learn from this. Again, I have absolutely no love for Cov. Cath (lol), but I was impressed!
  7. I've been told SK platoons to develop the players at this level and are not that concerned about wins and loses. Is this true? If it is, then I get it. If it isn't, they need to really look hard at the defense IMO. Giving up 38,20, and42 points makes it very difficult to compete.
  8. Just an outside observation; at some point the fingers have to stop being pointed at the players and maybe pointed at the coaching. Lack of discipline, looking unprepared and lack of adjustment during gameplay ultimately reflects on the coaching staff, and particularly on the head coach.
  9. Fun game to watch. Both offenses moved the ball well. Both teams have some work to do on defense and special teams. Parking as usual was horrid as there was volleyball or something going on at the same time. It will be fun to see the progress ( or lack there of) when these 2 teams meet again later this season in Independence.
  10. #70 from Ryle cut through Cov Cath's offensive line like a hot knife through butter! Where was this kid Friday night? When the refs stopped letting CC hold this kid, the offense was forced to adjust and began to double and triple team him. It played beautifully in the hands of the Ryle defense. CC's offensive line didn't know what hit'em and it created opportunities for everyone else. Well done...
  11. Keep this name in the back of your minds.. Quentin Carr.-JR. 5'11 270 Lbs. Raider nation may be in for a big surprise...
  12. Let's be real about one thing....the tryout was to fill 1 to 3 spots...I have no problem with that...A few of the players (quite a few IMO) were rewarded with a spot on the team based on their career numbers..and where they are playing at the next level, NOT how they did in the tryout or how they showed out in the game that followed or the previous All Star game.(except for the before mentioned 1-3 open spots). .Again, I have no problem with that. But be honest about it. All that being said, good luck to the Ky. All Stars!
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