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  1. According to twitter no he won’t. Put in his resignation today.
  2. It’s all good embrace your inner Nostradamus
  3. Not to toot my own horn but I did say Campbell by 5. And I was almost on the money on the score. I hope I don’t dislocate my shoulder patting myself on the back. :lol2:
  4. Damn I was close. Probably should take my chances at the powerball this week
  5. Missed 5 straight at one point. Campbell on the other hand has been shooting at a high % from the stripe
  6. Side note for Those in attendance. I am listening on the radio and there is a fan that is doing an Indian chief war cry lol. Very loud. That isn’t @gold sunrise is it??
  7. GRC showing a lot of poise cutting into the deficit and putting them in a position to get back in this one
  8. CC trying to pull away in this one. Up 16 Nearing half time
  9. I too don’t get off work in time to attend. I absolutely hate it but I won’t be in attendance this evening:no:
  10. I guess that’s possible:thumb: Or maybe just worn out from the offensive onslaught in the first round game. Probably should of pulled the starters when they was up by 40 instead of 70. Or maybe called off the press to conserve their energy for the GRC game. :idunno:
  11. Congrats GRC on the win. Maybe a little Karma involved:idunno:
  12. PC had a chance to win it had the ball in their playmakers hands. As stated in the update thread it was a heavily contested 17 footer. In a lot of traffic. Could have very well called a foul on the play but I’m happy the refs let the kids decide the outcome. Great game to watch. Damn near capacity crowd for this one.
  13. Had to pull out the stage bleachers for this one awesome crowd!
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