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Things NOT said this week - Trinity vs. St. Xavier Edition


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With all of the things being said this week, I thought I would throw out some things to the crowd not said. Feel free to contribute your input.


Trinity really needs to worry about ___________ from St Xavier!


Do you think St Xavier will run up the score?


It doesn't matter what side of the field we sit on.


It doesn't matter whether you win the game. It's how you play the game.


Boy, St Xavier's O-line looks tiny!


That was a bad coaching decision.


Rondale Moore doesn't look that fast!


I don't want to stay for that whole trophy presentation thing for our team.


Who are we playing again?


What time do we play on Friday? Saturday?


I am glad we are driving to Lexington for 2 Louisville teams to play while Papa Johns sits idle.


Didn't St Xavier and Trinity play earlier in the season? Who won?

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"Didn't X's coach go on to play football somewhere after high school?"


"Haven't these teams been pretty evenly matched over the last decade or so?"


"Which school has been around longer?"


"Didn't Justin Thomas go to one of those schools?"


"Which side misses coach Glaser more?"

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Here's some more. Remember it is what is NOT said.


"I don't really want to tailgate."


"That Coverdale offense is so predictable."


"Talent wise, both teams are pretty even. "


"Coach Wolford doesn't really care about the regular season game."


"What's Trinity looking like in swimming?"

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