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  1. Tigers looked great! Not sure what was up with Bardstown , they looked great in warm ups but did not play well considering I think they were ranked high in pre-season. Maybe missing a player...
  2. I think Trinity will be fine in the end it’s just not the Trinity talent of three or four years ago.
  3. X played well in some spurts but were clearly better team and got away with things they won’t in 7th region. Varga with 7 3s I believe. Walton had some nice shooting kids but not much size and played hard.
  4. IMO it is scheme on Offense and D line has been great for T last couple years. D line is tone setter.
  5. X Defense not bad either. Offense has been tough to watch for 2 years. Hope we get that figured out next year. Trinity very good, congrats.
  6. X was given 400 tickets, I don’t know if that means Trinity got 400 as well or maybe they got a few more because Home team.
  7. That is what upset me, the ref on the far side of the field through the flag.
  8. I will have to watch film on Xs td that was called back to see if blocker lead with hands. I just know it was great block few years ago...
  9. Question on down field blocks, is the blindside block completely illegal now? Even if your head in front, don’t lead with head or leave your feet.. etc?
  10. I don’t hate it for their PA guy... Go Tigers
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