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  1. Fun environment for sure, Trinity missed a ton of shots. X shot better and cleaned up the glass. I would love to beat Renner! Go Tigers
  2. I watched Seneca play against Saint X and I really thought they were one of the best coached teams I had seen and have talent.
  3. No, We actually went deep in the bench in second quarter while up 26 but played a very bad fourth quarter and let them back in the game. I feel Spencer County is better than what they showed in the first half yesterday.
  4. Ballard is very good. Renner up 35 late q4 with 3 staters in... good way to get kid hurt you will need in regional. Hope he enjoyed running it up and crying all game.
  5. They are lazy on defense, no surprise on this loss.
  6. I was impressed with Butler; we laid an egg, time to get better.
  7. On a side-note, I think it’s ridiculous how close males athletic director lets the students stand to the court at some point that will become a problem. Also, how do you not have a better scoreboard if you’re wanting to be the premier program in the city. They are using the same one I used 25 years ago And it kept going off....
  8. Male shot lights out but we still had our chances. I like our team.
  9. X jv hasn’t played in a month, my bet is will be sloppy.
  10. Down 6 at half Vs good South Laurel team It’s a definite road game with Eastern Kentucky referees out here....
  11. Had minor knee surgery. He’s a great kid, hoping for his return soon.
  12. As I stated earlier in year, Male is “over coached” but has best talent.
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