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Western Kentucky Power Ranking - 9/17/17


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BluegrassPreps 2017 Western Kentucky Power Rankings – Week 4 Edition


Concerning the top story line for this week, a year ago lightning made its presence felt across the Commonwealth delaying and prematurely canceling games. What a difference a year makes, as it was one of the nicest evenings to watch football that I can remember. Hope you were able to make it out to a game last Friday night!


Popcorn N Coke Top 10 Version – Week 4:

1. Mayfield 2A (5-0): Win 45-31 vs 5A Graves County

2. Bowling Green 5A (3-2): Win 47-0 vs 4A Warren Central

3. South Warren 4A (5-0): Win 49-0 vs 5A Grayson County

4. Christian County 5A (4-0): BYE Week

5. Caldwell County 3A (4-1): Win 42-28 at 6A Henderson County

6. Owensboro 5A (3-2): Loss 33-27 at 6A Daviess County

7. Franklin Simpson 4A (2-3): Loss 24-21 vs 6A Meade County

8. Glasgow 2A (4-1): Win 16-14 at 4A Warren East

9. Allen County-Scottsville 4A (4-1): Loss 36-20 vs 5A Pulaski County At Lindsey Wilson College

10. Logan County (5-0): Win 32-6 vs 2A McLean County


Week 4 Western Kentucky Game of the Week Recap: 2A Glasgow (4-1) 16 at 4A Warren East (3-2) 14. The Scotties weren’t playing great football in the first half and found themselves on the wrong end of a 14-0 score at the half. Coach Garmon & Company made some terrific halftime adjustments and came out strong in the 3rd quarter and ultimately got the game winning field goal in the 4th Q to seal a crucial victory for Glasgow. Well done! Raider Nation this seems like a missed opportunity for sure as you had all the momentum in the first half, but couldn’t sustain it. Still your district games are a couple weeks away, so still time to gain some momentum next week at scrappy Monroe County.


Week 5 Western Kentucky Game of the Week: (Disclaimer: Mayfield fans I know you have a State Worthy game this week, but that is the reason I am not selecting it similar to the BG vs St X game as it needs no help from me!) #8 2A Glasgow (4-1) hosting #7 4A Old Foe Franklin Simpson (2-3) – These old rivals haven’t played since 2010, but I think they were regular opponents back in the day. Hoping more seasoned fans could add some depth here. This is a game featuring Glasgow coming in on a gutty win (mentioned above) while the Wildcats played admirably but came up short on maybe the last play of the game. Now must regroup and travel the hour up 31E to take on a confident Scottie’s club. Very good game here!


Honorable Mention: Corbin at Mayfield (at Austin Peay); Paducah Tilghman at Caldwell County; Bowling Green at Greenwood; Graves County at Apollo, and Ohio County at Henderson County.


Meat & Potato’s Version Week 4 Top 10:

10) Logan County 4A (5-0) – LW: 12 - Week 4 Results: Win 32-6 vs (1-4) 2A McLean County! I may be pushing the scales a little by elevating Logan this far, but continue to realize how significant their rise this season is. Well done @CoachAdler! QB Tyler Ezell and WR Dontavius Blann both had a great game along with RB Gary Hardy with nearly 100 yards rushing. Caden McKinnis and Alex Brown lead the Cougar defense with over 10 tackles each. Win and advance Cougars! Week 5: District Game at 4A Hopkins County Central (1-4). You gotta like the Cougars changes here too! But it’s a road District game and the Storm should be a brewin to get a win as they will be tough for them to get elsewhere. You should know that Hopkins got their doors blown off last Friday 62-0 to Madisonville-North Hopkins. Still, if I were Coach Wood (Storm Coach) I would have this game circled to make a stand!


9) Allen County Scottsville (4A) LW: 8 - Preseason Rank: Top 20 - 2017 Record 4-1; District Record 0-0] Week 4 Results – Loss: 36-20 vs. 5A Pulaski County (2-3) At Lindsey Wilson College. The Maroons are tough to know how to judge as they have lost to 3 good teams (Corbin, Danville, and Wayne County). They jumped on Allen County from the opening drive making it 8-0 out of the gate and 22-6 at the half and it didn’t get a lot better for the Patriots after that. But looking objectively for ACS, they traveled an hour over to Columbia and battled a solid team that can beat many on that side of the state. Time to regroup Patriots!!! Week 5: At 5A Grayson County (1-4). No better opponent for regrouping than the Grayson County Cougars!!! But another tough week for Grayson County. Talented SR QB Chase Wilson should only be in the game for the first half. Time to get in every senior you got ACS!!! Make that every player you got!!! Patriots BIG in this one!!!


8) Glasgow (2A) – LW: 11 - Preseason Rank: Top 20; 2017 Record 4-1; Week 4 Western Kentucky Game of the Week Results: Win 16-9 at 4A Warren East (3-2). Hard fought game here! All Warren East in the first half and all Glasgow in the 2nd half! I don’t have Glasgow stats here but the Warren East stats show the game was very close with Warren East holding a 235 to 220 total yards advantage in this game. HUGE win considering tough Franklin Simpson is coming to town this week! Week 5: Western Kentucky Game of the Week vs. 4A Franklin Simpson (2-3) These old foes come in trending in opposite directions, but the Scotties have to like the effort and results they have gotten this season. 2 more games to a much needed BYE week!


7) Franklin Simpson (4A) – LW: 6 - Preseason Rank: 4 - 2017 Record 2-3; District Record 0-0] Week 4 Results: Loss: 24-21 vs. 6A Meade County (4-1). I have no stats for this game other than what our good friend @macdon reported as roughly 300 yards in penalties! WOW that is a boat-load! Don’t underestimate this Meade County squad, as they are as lunch pail tough as you will find! Gritty, big and well-coached. Even so, the Wildcats had a chance to extend the game with a short FG that just didn’t go. Know the young man that attempted it feels bad and I feel bad for him. BUT football is a GREAT teaching environment! When used properly, he can use that experience to his benefit next time. We don’t all get trophies every game. That’s not how life works. I’m pulling for the young man to regroup and come through as he’s done on other occasions this season! Week 5: Western Kentucky Game of the Week: at 2A Glasgow (4-1). Our good friend @macdon likely knows more about these 2 old rivals than I. This game sure sets up to be a terrific matchup with Glasgow looking to barrel into District play on an unprecedented streak. The Wildcats D will be needed to control a fine Scottie rushing attack and talented QB Dalvin Smith. Get the Wildcat group together and get to Glasgow early to take in Rib Lickers Smoke Shake prior to the game! You won’t be sorry! Rib Lickers.jpg


6) Owensboro (5A) – LW: 5 - Preseason Rank: 6 - 2017 Record 2-3; [District Record 0-0] Week 4 Results: Loss: 33-27 at 6A Daviess County (2-3). Really surprising outcome in this one, as I truly felt Owensboro would win this game. But these Daviess County schools ALL want to beat each other and as we know anything can happen in rivalry games. With that being said, even more puzzling to me is that ultra-talented QB Zeke Brown WAS back from being injured in the BG game according to our good friend @rosco, who also reported that Owensboro fumbled way too much in this game. I don’t have Red Devil stats, but according to the Daviess County stats, O rushed for 307 yards, while Daviess passed for 307 yards. This is very troubling going into your BYE week, but I have faith Coach Fallin will have his team ready to play in 2 weeks in arguably the biggest game of the season for the Red Devils! Week 5: BYE!!! Nicely done Coach Fallin! A good spot for your bye week (would have been better with a Daviess Co win though) as Week 6 you host District Rival Christian County in a District Buster game I’ve been waiting for all season. That game has lost a little luster to it – no question, but still a standout matchup all the same! Looks like it’s time to burn some gas down to Christian County for some Wood Shed Barbeque and scout the Christian County – Marshall County game this week Red Devil fans!


5) Caldwell County (3A) – LW: 7 - Preseason Rank: Top 15 - 2017 Record 4-1; [District Record 0-0] Week 4 Results: Win: 42-28 at 6A Henderson County (1-4). Thanks to our good friend @PtownDude who reported first downs 23-12 in favor of Henderson; offensive plays 82-37 in favor of Henderson; yards 402-331 in favor of Henderson; possession 36:20-11:40 in favor of Henderson. But Caldwell County weathered all of that by capitalizing on Big Plays! But good for Henderson County for continuing to play hard! And Caldwell just keeps getting it done! Week 5: District Buster! Vs 3A Paducah Tilghman (1-4). Two good teams here, but going in opposite directions and playing in Princeton helps the Tigers significantly IMO. Even though Caldwell’s strength is their pass D, I think Coach Barnes knows how to load the box as well. Just think it will be tough for the Blue Tornados to move the ball in this one. BUT, the only game Caldwell lost (vs 5A Christian County) was mostly due to a Pick 6 and Kick 6, so anything can happen, as these 2 are pretty familiar with each other.


4) Christian County (5A) – LW: 3 - Preseason Rank: 2 - 2017 Record 4-0; [District Record 0-0] Week 4 Results: BYE Week! I think this is a really well placed week off for the Colonels. Just seems they are not running smoothly. Like a sparkplug is not firing correctly. Perhaps this additional time off will give the team a chance to refocus a bit and come out stronger after the break. I realize I’m talking about a 4 and 0 team, but I don’t think anyone would say Christian County has been firing on all cylinders this season! Last week’s thread, provides my basis for dropping the Colonels a spot this week. No harm really, But the District Season is here, so time to make it happen Colonels!!! Week 5: District Game – vs 5A Marshall County (3-2). Marshall County is kinda a sleeper team. They have wins in their last 3 games against weaker competition, but should be fired up to play the Colonels in the first District Game of the year! Just think the Colonels should be WAY too much here with the Colonel D layin down the law to get the win! This will set the stage for arguably the biggest game of the Christian County season in Week 6 at District Rival Owensboro!


3) South Warren (5A) – LW: 4 - Preseason Rank: 10 - 2017 Record 5-0; District Record 1-0] Week 4 Results: Win: District Game – 49-0 vs 5A Grayson County (1-4). Just a really good team crushing a really bad team. It’s a district game. So win and move on Spartans! As our good friend @jcarter reported, there were a lot of big plays for South in this game and it was over soon after it started. I anticipate more of that is coming this week. Week 5: District Game vs. 5A Barren County (0-5). Spartan faithful, this level of District competition will soon change, but not this week! Running District Clock #2 Coming Up!!!

Spartans move into the #3 spot because upon further review (thanks to our good friend @zoneblitz2) South has a better body of work and is frankly playing better football right now than the Colonels of Christian County.


2) Bowling Green (5A) – LW: 2 - Preseason Rank: 1 - 2017 Record 3-2; District Record 0-0] Week 4 Results: Win: 47-0 vs 4A Warren Central (0-5). In the 50th meeting between Bowling Green and Warren Central, BG made short work of things as expected. WR Ziyon Kenner again was spectacular for BG last week recording 3 TDs (1 rushing, 1 pass reception, and 1 punt return - SR is really stepping up when BG needs it!). But after last season’s triage, Warren Central appears to still be competing with effort and I guess that’s all you can ask. But not all is right with this win for Purples fans as Vito Tisdale and Justice Dingle both sustained injuries; the severity of those are still being determined. With 6 guys that typically play not playing last Friday, BG is relying on a very young roster when you consider the number of players that graduated from last season’s team. BG’s Training Staff will certainly be busy this week! Week 5: District Game at 5A Greenwood (2-3). At the beginning of the season, I thought Greenwood had a real shot at the young Purples this season, but after the last 3 weeks on both sides, I just can’t see how a 1 dimensional team beats BG, now that is assuming at least some of the injured players return. If not, who knows…? Playing at the Swamp helps Greenwood, but BG knows the game plan (same one as last year and the year before that). Greenwood will play with great intensity and Jackson Adams is likely to have a very good game, but just don’t think that will be enough, as BG should control this game.


1) Mayfield (2A) – LW: 1 - Preseason Rank: 3 - 2017 Record 5-0; District Record 0-0] Week 4 Results: Win: 45-31 vs 5A Graves County (3-2). I don’t have Mayfield stats for this game but according to the Graves County stats, Mayfield outgained GC on the ground 356 to 159, but Graves County won the air battle 283 to 162. The Cardinals again brought the Blitzkrieg offense and put Graves in a hole. But give the Eagles credit, as they didn’t quit. According to our good friend @Toothpick, the Cardinal D did get a bit winded in the second half, but were joined there by the Eagle D. Two big OLines just wore down the D on a very warm September night. Just another excellent competitor for Mayfield. Once you get past the Corbin game you can ease up a bit and hopefully get some guys healthy as you are dealing with a few injuries I’m told. Week 5: Vs 3A Corbin (3-1) At Austin Peay State University (Clarksville, TN) at 7 pm. Well Cardinal Fans, this is one of your games that I’ve had circled from the start of the season. Now that it’s upon us, it is even more intriguing, as Corbin was defeated in a fantastic game up in Northern Kentucky 2 Friday’s ago by a stout Beechwood Tiger squad. The Redhounds had a BYE Week THIS past week! That’s A LOT of time to stew on a jarring set-back that not many across the state outside of Ft Mitchell predicted. So Corbin will make the 4 hour (1 way) trip over to Clarksville for this matchup (Mayfield trekked to Lindsey Wilson in Columbia last season for those keeping score). I mean the variables keep on comin don’t they! I honestly like Mayfield in this game. Especially if they get up early. It will be a tough game yes, but I just think Mayfield is in synch overall and will come into this game ready to roll. If it were not my wedding anniversary, I would plan to attend this game. But I need to stay married, so the electricity stays on… :thumb:


Next Tier 11 Thru 15 –


11. Tier:

Graves County 5A (3-2) – Last Week (LW): 10 - Week 4 Results: Loss 45-31 vs (5-0) 2A Mayfield. No shame losing to the #1 team in the West right now, especially when you played with grit and kept fighting to the end. Plus you won’t see Mayfield anymore this year, except at the Food Giant (“Where Your Neighbors Are the Owners!”)! Food Giant Mayfield.jpgGraves’ talented QB Ryan Mathis threw for 266 yards but had 2 INTs and 1 TD. Talented WR Trevor Grant also had 7 catches and 1 TD. Those 2 continue to play very well for Graves County. Week 5: District Game at 5A Apollo Eagles (3-1). At the first of the season, I didn’t give Graves much of a chance in their district. I’ve changed my tune now 180 degrees, BUT I may be turnin the car around for Apollo as well, but the nest this flock of Eagles rests in seems less sturdy! Still 5 and 1 is a fine record and I didn’t expect them to beat OCATH! Still think Graves should be too much here, but Apollo sees it as their opportunity and likely their Super Bowl so the West Coast Eagles need to be able to shake off the 2.5 hour bus ride and come out strong or I could see this turning into an Eagle Fight, at least for a while.


Owensboro Catholic (2A) – LW: 9 - Preseason Rank: 5 - 2017 Record 2-3; District Record 0-0] Week 4 Results – Loss: 31-24 vs 5A Apollo (4-1). The biggest stat in the game for me is OCATH at -7 yards rushing on the game. WOW! I realize a 2A school is playing a 5A school that are City rivals, but just figured on more than -7. News went from bad to worse for me when our good friend @rosco reported that the Messenger Inquirer (local Owensboro Newspaper) reported standout QB Will Warren has “reportedly” left the OCATH team! WOW! I admit just pausing and shaking my head a bit as this young man was a REAL talent. If you recall, I selected him as one of my Pre-Season ALL WEST Team players. I don’t select players lightly or try not to. Ultimately, I hope Mr. Warren fully recovers from any lingering injuries he might be dealing with and pursues the best life has to offer. But can’t help but think how it will/would affect team chemistry. But the Best Thing OCATH fans is that you still have an excellent coach to navigate these difficult waters. Week 5: District Game vs. 2A Butler County (0-5). Just what the doctor ordered! District Play! As the Aces district appears as spindly as the 3 Little Pigs House of Sticks! The District Avalanche now begins…


12. Tier:

Warren East (4A) – Last Week (LW): 10 - Preseason Rank: Outside Top 20 - 2017 Record 3-2; District Record 0-0] Week 4 Western Kentucky Game of the Week Results: Loss: 16-14 vs 2A Glasgow (4-1). Maybe harsh dropping the Raiders this far, but the Inn was full above and frankly they should have won this game. Didn’t and you drop – such is life. But this is good team that should fight hard in District play. Thomas Maxey had another solid night running the ball for 154 yards and 1 TD. Super-star WR Caleb Huskey with 2 catches for 81 yards and an over the top TD. Week 5: Last Call Before District Play: at 2A Monroe County (4-1) The Falcons are having a very good season in Tompkinsville this year, but I just think Warren East has much better athletes across the board in this matchup. But one thing is for sure. The Falcon Faithful will be there Loud & Proud to support their team. Raider Nation drive on over and take in the game!


Ohio County 6A (5-0) LW: 12 - Week 4 Results: Win 26-15 vs (0-5) 4A Breckinridge County. #12 is the high water mark for a 6A club playing a -13 schedule. What is a -13 schedule (for example when a 6A school, i.e. Ohio County, plays a 2A school that’s a -4; you can do the math from there)! Yes, you won the game, but you may have gained more from a tough intersquad scrimmage. Rubber meets the Road Eagles… District Game - Week 5: at 6A Henderson County (1-4). May be an eye opening experience for the Eagles as District play will significantly amp up the competition for OC, while likely runnin downhill for the Colonels. Will be interesting…


13. Tier:

Madisonville-North Hopkins 4A – LW: 13; Preseason: Top 15 – 2017 Record: (3-2) - Week 4 Results: Win 62-0 vs 4A Hopkins County Central (2-3). Whoa Nellie!!! I feel the aftershocks all the way over here in Louisville from this Madisonville impact crater! The Maroons must have had a difficult week of practice after the sobering loss to an undervalued Union County squad. RBs Hightower and Miller both had 2 rushing TDs and QB Hayden Reynolds had a great game with 4 passes for 113 yards and 3 TDs. Maroons bounced back STRONG ahead of District play! Week 5: District Game at 4A Calloway County (0-3). I was going to say that the Lakers have been one of my most disappointing teams in 2017, but have found out that star QB/DB Jacob Bellah was injured in the opening game of the year and has not returned. So, that assessment is likely too harsh, but don’t like their chances against a good Maroon squad even with the 1.5 hour trip over to Murray.


Hopkinsville 4A (1-4) LW: 14 - Week 4 Results: Win: 16 to 9 vs. 3A Paducah Tilghman (1-4). The SWEET Taste of Victory Tiger Fans! Is it sweeter after you haven’t tasted it for a while? I think it is… The Tigers passed for 199 yards and the Blue Tornados rushed for 198, but as our good friend @TilghmanPride mentioned, untimely turnovers and penalties ultimately cost Tilghman the game. Tilghman is a good team, but at some point you have to win games to get on this board. Our good friend @The Scribe reported that Hopkinsville’s opponents they have lost to are now 18 and 1! Pretty strong… Week 5: BYE. Well the Tigers have had a difficult opening half to the season – no doubt about it. This season was laid out for a different team and by a different coach, but you play the cards your dealt Tiger fans. The Good News is that the teams on the back half of the schedule are significantly more favorable than the first half. If the Tigers can reconfigure a reinvigorated mental edge (say that 5 times fast), this team will be dangerous come November. Our good friend @DragonFire still picks the Tigers as his 4A Region 1 representative. Lots still to play for Tiger Fans!!!


14. Tier:

Union County 3A (4-0) – LW: 15 – Preseason - Not Ranked - Week 4 Results: Win 47-6 vs 2A Ballard Memorial (0-4). I don’t have any stats here. Not sure you need them. Pretty good team soundly beat a pretty bad team. Union gets 1 more easy game prior to the start of District play in 2 weeks when top District Team Caldwell County heads up to Morganfield for what should be a Super Game! Week 5: vs. 1A Crittenden County (2-2) Still think the Rockets are a good 1A team, but this is on the road against a good 3A team. Unless the Braves secondary is very weak, I look for Union County to roll in this game!


Greenwood (5A) – LW: 15 - Preseason Rank: 7 - 2017 Record 2-3; District Record 1-0] Week 4 Results: Win: 56-7 vs. 5A Barren County (0-5). You could just hear the pressure valve release from the Greenwood faithful after this game. They REALLY needed that! The only stat I will provide is the GW rushing attack got back in gear with 381 yards… that’s more like it!!! Week 5 vs. #2 5A Bowling Green (3-2). Vacation week is over Gator Fans! Back to the grindstone. Unfortunately, that grindstone is the Bowling Green Purples – owners of a 25 and 0 record against you. A LOT of GOOD was gained by the victory over Barren County – no doubt, but you must reverse the early season woes and probable injuries in a real hurry now. I think star QB Jackson Adams will be ready to play his best game ever. Problem is BG knows that and will be ready for it. Stay positive Gators – there has to be a first sometime – and the Purples are pretty banged up right now…


15. Tier:

Daviess County (6A) – LW: Not Ranked (NR) - Preseason Rank: NR - 2017 Record 2-3; [District Record 0-0] Week 4 Results: Win: 33-27 vs 5A Owensboro (2-3). WHAT A WIN PANTHER FANS! Against your City Rival, as you are ramping up for District play! Christmas in September for Panther Fans! Several played well for Daviess including QB Joseph Cambron and several WRs led by State Standout Marquel Tinsley. You will see them later. Week 5: District Buster Game at 6A McCracken County (1-4). Teams going in opposite directions; as the Panthers will have a GREAT Week of practice off US 231 while McCracken County must regroup from a 35-3 setback last Saturday afternoon. That 2.5 hour bus ride might not seem so long now Panthers. But I expect McCracken to regroup and be ready to start District ball with renewed focus. Win this game and you control your own destiny (at least for a while) in your district and I’d say that’s BIG!


Apollo 5A (4-1) – LW: NR – Preseason: NR - Week 4 Results: Win: 31-24 at 2A Owensboro Catholic (2-3) The Eagles are flying higher than I can ever recall. Looking back at their recent history, they haven’t been 4 and 1 since 2009! Congratulations Coach Crume & Company! Apollo had good success rushing the ball vs the Aces with RB Mariano McKenzie with a big game for the Eagles! Week 5: District Buster vs 5A Graves County (3-2). Well, I can tell you that the Eagles are going to win. But not exactly which one. I suspect Graves County, but that bus ride has a way of evening things out; plus I’m not sure these current Apollo players have ever been this up before, so they will be ready to play come Friday night. Should be a great 1 Eagles Fans!!!


Others Receiving Votes: McCracken County, Russellville, Paducah Tilghman, Henderson County, Monroe County, Metcalfe County, Edmonson County


Week 4 Players of the Week: (I try to pick different guys for this list to reward more hardworking young men a chance to get highlighted than to keep going to the same ones over and over. You realize that all these guys have been working hard for the better part of a year now as football practice, weightlifting, watching film, etc. never stops – REAL dedication here! And, as you know, I do not get all the stats by the time this edition goes out, so please add to the list and thank you for it!)

1) Tyler Ezell – QB – Logan County – 11 for 21 for 206 yards through the air with 2 TDs and 83 yards on the ground and another TD! His top target WR Dontavius Blann caught 5 passes for 97 yards and 2 TDs vs McLean Co!

2) Joseph Cambron – QB – Daviess County – 18 for 34 for 307 yards and 4 TDs vs 1 INT! Shae Carwile – LB – Daviess County – with 24 tackles – WOW!

3) Oliver Parker – WR – Caldwell County – 3 catches for 192 yards and 3 TDs – the first TDs of his career vs Henderson County!!!


Week 4 Teams Moving Down

McCracken County (6A) – Down – You know Mustang Fans sometimes it just takes longer to get over the hump than you want it to. And after a 1-4 start, things aren’t as you’d prefer. But chin up, as District Season is upon us and you can right the ship right now!


Paducah Tilghman (3A) – Down – I don’t know many that have played a tougher schedule. But when you turn the ball over and you make undisciplined plays resulting in numerous penalties, the rule of thumb is that you will not go far in the regular season - much less post season. You can add not going far up these rankings as well. Still like you guys, but that doesn’t fuel in the furnace! But chin up, as District Season is upon us and you can right the ship right now!


Week 4 Teams Moving Up

Todd County Central (2A) – Up – You realize the Rebels did not win a game last year right??? They only won 3 games in 2015. So here they are in 2017 and have already won 4!!! Looking at the records and since and including the 1998 season TCC has won 4 games a total of 4 times in any 1 season. So if they win 1 more game, they will have more wins than they have had in any season in at least the last 20 years!!! Awesome job Coach Jones & Players!!! SR RB/LB MaQureim Mimms is likely one of the better players you know nothing about. I will try to highlight him in a player of the week spot later in the season.


Russellville (1A) – Up – I think the Panthers are a good team. They could have had a big hang your head moment last week against a better than their record indicates Trigg Co squad, but they came through against the 3A squad very well winning 23-14. Still think R’ville is the best 1A team in the West and will take the Beechwood Tigers to knock them out!


“Broke Their Maiden” – In horse racing, when you break your maiden, you win your first race. Well this category is for teams that don’t get as much love, but did get their first victory of the season here and I think that’s significant:

Hopkinsville defeated Paducah Tilghman in a Hard Fought Game 16-9. Congratulations Coach Clayton on your first win of the season!


8 IS GREAT! These 8 teams remain unbeaten this season!

Team (% likely to remain undefeated all season) (biggest challenger(s) remaining)

(In alphabetical order):

Christian County (40%) (At Owensboro and At Graves County)

Clinton County (40%) (At Metcalfe County and At Louisville Holy Cross)

Logan County (35%) (Hopkinsville and At Madisonville-North Hopkins)

Mayfield (65%) (Corbin and Caldwell County)

Ohio County (25%) (At Henderson County and At McCracken County)

South Warren (40%) (Bowling Green)

Todd County Central (20%) (Owensboro Catholic and At Logan County)

Union County (30%) (Caldwell County and At Paducah Tilghman)


Eight Is Enough: These 8 teams remain winless on the season!

Team (% likely to get a win this season) (best chance at a win remaining)

(In alphabetical order):

Ballard Memorial (60%) (Webster County & At Fulton County)

Barren County (35%) (At Grayson County, Edmonson County)

Breckinridge County (10%) (? Maybe At Hancock County)

Butler County (20%) (Hancock County, At McLean County)

Calloway County (45%) (Pikeville)

Caverna (25%) (Fort Knox)

Fulton City (10%) (? Clarksville Academy, TN)

Warren Central (10%) (Warren East)

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The first Franklin-Simpson v. Glasgow game was October 20, 1944 in Franklin. The Scotties won 8 of the first 9 meetings. Franklin-Simpson currently holds a 33-23 advantage in the series.


FS, BGHS, Glasgow, and Russellville made up the SKY Conference that started around 1950 or 51.


Game #57 in Glasgow should be a good one.

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Great write up as always. However; I disagree with Christian County dropping a spot due to the argument of strength of schedule when Christian county's opponents playing record is better by one win then South's opponents. If your claiming that the win against Franklin Simpson at 2-2 is better than Caldwell at 4-1 and Central Hardin at 3-2 is better then Rossview TN at 3-2 (like opponent they both beat in North East) then I don't necessary agree. If judging by the eye test then yes I agree due to the lack of points scored.

Edited by BigTiger55
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Great write up as always. However; I disagree with Christian County dropping a spot due to the argument of strength of schedule when Christian county's opponents playing record is better by one win then South's opponents. If your claiming that the win against Franklin Simpson at 2-2 is better than Caldwell at 4-1 and Central Hardin at 3-2 is better then Rossview TN at 3-2 (like opponent they both beat in North East) then I don't necessary agree. If judging by the eye test then yes I agree due to the lack of points scored.


Yeah but look at the Hopkinsville common opponent South won 35-14

Christian County won 15-12


I have a feeling that is the Differnce in the ranking when you look at it.


I don't know we will have to see what P88 says but in just looking at it that's what I see as being the difference.

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Yeah but look at the Hopkinsville common opponent South won 35-14

Christian County won 15-12


I have a feeling that is the Differnce in the ranking when you look at it.


I don't know we will have to see what P88 says but in just looking at it that's what I see as being the difference.


I agree but HHS and CCHS is a big Rivalry game. No different then Mayfields 14pt victory against Graves (rivalry) which I'd say none of outside of Graves county would have predicted but it's a rivalry game. I personally don't think South has done enough to leapfrog Christian just yet. But seeing how Regions 1&2 are paired, it will all play out on the field regardless. But it's still a good debatable subject.

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I agree but HHS and CCHS is a big Rivalry game. No different then Mayfields 14pt victory against Graves (rivalry) which I'd say none of outside of Graves county would have predicted but it's a rivalry game. I personally don't think South has done enough to leapfrog Christian just yet. But seeing how Regions 1&2 are paired, it will all play out on the field regardless. But it's still a good debatable subject.


Your correct on the rivalry game and that tends to get kids to play a lot better than they are just for the pride part of the game.


This will all play out in the end regardless of what happens. The other thing that might have hurt a little was when the off week fell. I don't know again P88 will explain his thinking I am sure.

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Great job, P88. I think the running clock games will be common thread till post- fall break in several games. Just wanting players from across Bluegrass to heal up before it's show time. Seems like injuries are plentiful this season. Part of the game but you hate it for the kids, especially Seniors

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Great write up as always. However; I disagree with Christian County dropping a spot due to the argument of strength of schedule when Christian county's opponents playing record is better by one win then South's opponents. If your claiming that the win against Franklin Simpson at 2-2 is better than Caldwell at 4-1 and Central Hardin at 3-2 is better then Rossview TN at 3-2 (like opponent they both beat in North East) then I don't necessary agree. If judging by the eye test then yes I agree due to the lack of points scored.
Big Tiger,

I have been thinking about this response to your inquiry, as I feel it's a fair question for sure. The main reason for it stems from being more pro-South Warren than anti-Christian County at this specific time in the season. As our good friend @jcarter said, this was a bye week for CC and South blasted Grayson as expected.


But to be fair to your question, I thought I'd delve into it a bit more on this rainy Tuesday! Let's look at their bodies of work:


South Warren - 5A Record - 5-0

- Beat 4A Hopkinsville at South 35-14 (Outgained the Tigers 450 yards to 250 yards)

- Beat 4A Warren Central at WKU 43-6 (About what you'd expect)

- Beat 4A Franklin Simpson at South 36-7 (The margin of victory in this one was very impressive to me)

- Beat 6A Central Hardin away 27-17 (South controlled this game and wasn't really threatened vs a solid mid-pack 6A squad)

- Beat 5A Grayson County at South 49-0 (About what you'd expect)


Christian County - 5A - 4-0

- Beat 3A Caldwell County away 27-10 (This is a better win than I've given credit for in the past; however 14 points were scored via Pick 6 and Kick 6. They still count, but to me show this game was VERY close without those non-traditional points.)

- Beat 6A TN Rossview, TN 18-7 (Honestly Tiger, I still don't know what to do with this game. I'm sure they are talented and have athletes as I'm told, but since I know nothing about them, it is hard for me to use this game. They are 3 and 2, but their wins were expected based on MaxPreps criteria. And 18-7 is a win, but is it convincingly so? You tell me... :idunno::idunno::idunno:)

- Beat 6A Henderson County 20-14 (I like Henderson actually and think they beat Ohio County on Friday, but Christian is a far better team IMO, but at the half in this game it was 6-0 CC and CC scored on the last play of the half. Both teams scored 2 TDs in the second half. It is a win, but again not convincingly so, when you are speaking about rankings.)

- Beat ArchRival Hopkinsville 15-12 (Outgained the Tigers 245 to 146). Hoptown was up 12-0 in this game for most of the first half at least. To County's credit they fought that off and made BIG Time plays in the second half to secure the win. But AGAIN this is not a convincing win. It is a really good win vs the alternative and anytime you beat your rival, it's good.


Concerning schedules, through 5 games South has played a -2 schedule (based on being a 5A team). Through 4 games, Christian County has played a -1 schedule (and that is giving Rossview credit as a 6A team. Not sure how they's correlate to a KY 6A school???).


I'm hoping you can see a trend here. As that is what I see and why I chose to switch the 2 around. The AP and Bluegrass Prep polls have Christian County at 3 and South at 4. MaxPreps have South at 3 and CC at 4. While the Cantrell computer rankings have South at 10 and CC at 20 (computers can tell you anything you want to hear).

CalPreps has South beating CC 21-14.


SO, ALL OF THIS TO SAY, I just think South Warren is playing at a slightly higher level at the moment. For an analogy, I'd say it is a horse race with South Warren's horse's neck across the finish line first this week. I'm glad you brought this up as we need more discussion overall, but that's why I did it.

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I get that they haven't played anyone, but Todd County Central is 4-0 for the first time in 43 years. Interesting story on how their 1974 team was ranked third in the state and missed the playoffs.


VIDEO – Todd County Football Off to Best Start Since 1974 | Your Sports Edge


That is a pretty fascinating story! Thanks for sharing Scribe!


I hope TCC keeps doing well. They had a tough year least year for sure. I think they have a tough test vs Hancock Co this week, but they have done something already that only 1 other team in Todd County Central's history has done!


Great Story!

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I don't know what has been the bigger story this season, Todd Central or Logan County. Todd Central is about to get a big test at Hancock County. The Hornets will be looking for blood due to the fact when Todd came to Hancock last time, the Rebels upset the Hornets and shut them out of the playoffs. Who knows, if Todd wins this game it could start off a run towards a district championship. That does sound crazy, but with the wheels possibly falling off for O-Cath and with tbe Aces coming to Todd thjs year, stranger things have happened. But to paraphrase Rick Flair, to be district champ, you got to beat the district champ.

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