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  1. Thanks for the kind words guys. We’re a very young team with only 2 seniors that start on each side of the ball, and our identity is still kind of unknown. We started very sluggish in the first quarter but final settled in the 2nd quarter. The experience we gain these first couple of games will be huge for us win or lose. These guys play for one another and are a fun group to coach, but we still have plenty of work to do.
  2. Being in this district I have ask about multiple games in a week. This is not allowed. From my understanding if a game can not be made up the the highest RPI team will get a win and the lesser RPI will get a lose. This will not go on the teams record but just will be used for seeding.
  3. Anthony "Rooster" Woodard - Logan County [ 6'3 180lbs 44 rec, 818 yards, 14 tds in 9 games. Offers from EKU & Missouri St. so far.
  4. Gary Hardy is fine and will be ready to play this week!!! Had some tingling in his neck and we took precautions on going to hospital. CT scan showed everything was good and he was fine after being released.
  5. If anyone is wondering Hightower is a BEAST and they are really good up front. It was a great physical football game!!! I thought both teams left it all on field and we just happened to be on the winning end last night.
  6. FS is really really good. Offense is like a well oiled machine. Defense is very stingy as well. Tre Bass is like a cheat code on a video game. I dont see anyone slowing them down.
  7. I can assure you guys we are not over looking Allen County. Very good football team that is well coached. As far as other games go you can compare how you what to, but everyone has a clean slate now.
  8. We have 18 starters coming back in 2018, I expect another big year, maybe not undefeated regular season but that's why we play the game. I agree hoptown should be ranked high, madisonville returns alot as well and shouldn't be over looked. Time will tell, looking forward to Friday night lights again soon.
  9. All 3 guys have appointments for MRI Monday. Hope it's nothing major but all 3 our in pain. We are praying for the best. It was great sportsmanship by Calloway County, they may never know what that meant to A.J. Reynolds. Hats off to them for that.
  10. I wish we was on bye week!!! I want to see this one!!
  11. Thanks @Purples88 it is the best start ever for a Logan County football team!! We were battle tested Thursday night, but our kids stepped up. I'm so proud of them and the way they never quit fighting. Friday should be a war, Madisonville is a good football team and they are very physical. Our defense has been our backbone all year. They will have to bring it again this week to give us a chance. Well be ready to put it all on the line Friday night.
  12. Game is on Thursday night this week @7:00!!! Should be a good test for us and I'm ready to see if we are ready to step up to the challenge.
  13. Thanks @Purples88 nice write up!! To my knowledge it's the 1st time in school history!! I'm really proud of our kids and how hard they have worked to make this turn around. We are just working to try an build a program here at Logan County!! Our focus is to get better each week and hopefully at the end of the season we can find ourselves in the playoffs. We are happy with this start but we know it hasn't punched our ticket to the playoffs yet!!!
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