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Who are the top receivers in Kentucky for 2020?

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Last year was a banner year for pass catchers in Kentucky. Six different receivers reached the twenty touchdown mark in 2019, the second most we've ever had in a single season (1999). And that doesn't even include the biggest tight end recruit to ever come out of the bluegrass. From Reece Smith to Miles Thomas to Franklin Hayes to Michael Mayer, the bar was set incredibly high last year.


Who will grab (pun intended!) our attention this year? Here are a few names to get us started...


Reece Jesse - Hopkinsville

6'3", 180 lbs

2019: 67 receptions/1,184 yards/15 TDs

Offers from UK, West Virginia, Tennessee, Purdue, and Washington State, among others


Reece Jesse Junior Season - Reece Jesse highlights - Hudl


Kade Grundy - Somerset

2019: 68 receptions/1,441 yards/15 TDs

Committed to play baseball for Louisville


Kade Grundy Junior Season - Kade Grundy highlights - Hudl


Jordan Dingle (TE) - Bowling Green

6'4", 235 lbs

2019: 35 receptions/474 yards/5 TDs

Offers from UK, UofL, Ohio State, West Virginia, Arkansas, and Purdue, among others


221 TE Jordan Dingle Highlights - Jordan Dingle highlights - Hudl


Dane Key - Frederick Douglass

6'2", 170

2019: 33 receptions/545 yards/8 TDs

Offers from UK, UofL, Tennessee, Oregon, Marshall, and WKU, among others


Dane Key Sophomore season - Dane Key highlights - Hudl


Fred Farrier - Franklin County

6'1", 170 lbs

2019: 45 receptions/794 yards/11 TDs

Offers from Western Michigan, Eastern Michigan, Toledo, and Army, among others


Junior Season ( Class of '21) - Fred Farrier II highlights - Hudl

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That’s a name a lot of people are going to get familiar with.


Patterson is going to be a big time player. With his size, speed and ball skills, he’s almost impossible to cover. And he’s only a junior.

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Brandon McClendon - Covington Holy Cross

5'10", 175 lbs

2019: 46 receptions/1118 yards/24.3 ypc/9 touchdowns/8 interceptions


This young man may be the most underrated athlete I've seen this year. A speedy, strong slot receiver and outstanding defensive back. He put up some of the best numbers in the state while playing on undoubtedly one of the worst teams in the state. Freshman QB. Young, inexperienced line and he just got open and made tough catches all over the field. A WINNER. Scary to think what he could do playing on a complete team. He's going to make a lucky DI coach very happy.

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Michael Duddy- St. Xavier


6”3 180


20 receptions, 646 yards, 5 tds

32 yd avg per catch


Did this as sophmore last year and I expect these numbers to improve as Junior this coming season.


We might as well throw Mekhi Smith in the mix as well. He and Duddy give St. X fans a lot to look forward to over the next couple of years.

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Yes, Mekhi maybe moving to QB. They used him there some at end of last season.


I've never seen him play the QB position, but if Kevin Wallace wants him behind center, then it's probably the right move to make. Either way, the Tigers will have two very talented, skilled young athletes on the field together.

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Braden Mundy- Owensboro Catholic


Had over 1000 yards receiving as a Sophomore and was 3rd on team in targets. Look for that number to be way up this year.


Trayvon Tinsley- Owensboro


Lead OHS in receiving yards last year. With a Junior Gavin Wimsatt next year expect Tinsley's numbers to go way up as well!

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