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First observation: This is easily the worst Bama has looked at home this year. They absolutely pancaked both Florida and A&M at home and won by a more comfortable than the final score margin against MSU.


Second observation: Sims is having a Jameis Winston kind of first half.


Third observation: Bama better thank God for their goalline defense, or else they'd be buried right now. Four times Auburn has been stopped inside the 10, twice it was inside the 5. Considering they scored TDs on two other drives, you do the math.


Fourth observation: Malzahn royally screwed up the clock management on that final possession. The completion was made to the 1 with 28 seconds left. Auburn had a timeout. They elected to not only not use it right away, but to take their time in subbing. There was 13 seconds left on the clock before Auburn looked capable of snapping. They snapped it at 10 seconds. The run went nowhere. They called the timeout with 4 seconds and kicked the field goal. Had they called timeout immediately then I think they could have at least tried two passes to the end zone before kicking. Even if they'd gotten sacked then they could have spiked it and lined up the field goal. Terrible.

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