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Mountain Top 10!


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1. Corbin

2. Bell County

3. Lee County

4. Allen Central

5. Pikeville

6. Leslie County

7. Sheldon Clark

8. Middlesboro

9. Johnson Central

10. Clay County


Are you kidding? I'm pretty sure that Corbin lost a BUNCH, and Clay County was as bad as I've ever seen them last season. Maybe you know something that I don't, do they have some young kids that will be stepping up in a major way?

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These are the teams you have to consider. No one knows who will be the top yet, because games haven't been played.


13th -- Corbin, Bell County, Rockcastle County, Clay County, Whitley Co., Middlesboro (These teams were good last year.)


14th -- Powell Co, Lee Co, Leslie Co, Perry Central, KCC, Hazard, Letcher Central


15th -- Pikeville, Johnson Central, Allen Central, Lawrence Co., Sheldon Clark, Paintsville


(and the 12th if you want to include them)

12th -- South Laurel, North Laurel, Mercer Co, Southwestern, Pulaski, Danville, Russell, Boyle Co.


(and the 16th if you wish)

16th -- Boyd County, East Carter, Ashland Blazer, Greenup Co, Rowan Co.

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OK, my take on the Mountain Regions.


12th - Rockcastle, Danville, SW Pulaski & Mercer Co. are historically excellent teams. I'd pick Danville as a pre-season favorite. Rock has the best battery.


13th - Middlesboro & Corbin at the top, both have potential, but also potential problems with youth. I've heard a lot about South Laurel, Whitley is an up-n-comer.


14th - Powell County has ruled this usually weak Region for years, but I look for Leslie to assume the crown, with Hazard & Lee Co. in the mix.


15th - Pikeville & Johnson central at the top. Sheldon Clark as an up-n-comer.


16th - Belongs to Boyd Co., with Ashland as a dark horse. Don't know as much about the 16th, though.

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