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  1. Alter Bridge Black Country Communion Five Finger Death Punch Black Stone Cherry Papa Roach Hell Or High Water Bullet For My Valentine Red Queen Gun N' Roses`
  2. One UK fan blamed the refs. No, really. He did.
  3. Off* I can see my sentence structure hasn't improved any since I was gone.
  4. 99% of my friends are Cat fans.... When they when or lose, I stay Facebook for, at least, an hour. Then it's safe to go back in.
  5. Where will the cheerleaders do their cheers?
  6. Daytona and Talledega is it. I am a big fan, but Dale Jr. can't get it done on the track. I wouldn't even say "middle of the road" driver. I think the fame and the name has done him more harm. He doesn't need to win races to make money. The name already makes it for him.
  7. I would love to know more, myself. If anyone knows.
  8. I believe that Glen is still the coach. They looked good last season, at times. I look for an improvement in this team this season.
  9. Sounds like someone has been taking lessons from a certain commissioner from another league.
  10. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family OR. Get well soon.:thumb:
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