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  1. At Bell it is all about running the football on offense, and stopping the run on defense. Having said that, Bell needs their entire O-line and Sophomore RB Spencer Greer to play big. On defense, Slusher at LB has already been named, but they can't just depend on him, and have to find a couple more solid,dependable LB's that can step up and play big.
  2. I wouldnt say that the only defense for Allen is that he is a "good kid." That has never been my defense for him. Being the "best" doesnt always mean you are the most "talented" or most "athletic." A wise coach once said that "hard work beats talent when talent doesnt work hard." I am not saying that other great players in this state didnt work hard or didnt deserve the award...... but I am saying that sometimes being the best isnt just about being the most talented. He deserved the award and that is why he won it. Considering the award is voted on by the coaches I would say there are alot of HS coaches that know more about B-ball then you do that would disagree with you. But you are entitled to your opinion. I also know several HS coaches in SEKY that didnt vote for Allen. To say that he won the award because he was the only player from the SE part of the state is ridiculous.
  3. I totally agree.... Reagan deserved a shot somewhere. Just not sure if it was at a D1A school. Wth the academic eligibility problems, plus the size advantage, it would have been a big risk for any program. Most of those guys you speak of that are 5'8 or 5'9 on major D1A rosters also weigh anywhere between 185 and 200lbs, and are burners in the 4.3-4.5 range. Big difference between 155-165lbs and a kid who didn't have the fastest 40 time. Most of Marty's ability was in his quickness (ability to make ppl miss). You are also right in saying that level of HS competition plays into it. Thost 5'8 guys who are playing at big time D1 programs are usually coming out of junior colleges where they are battle tested, or out of big time HS programs where the level of competition is a better then what any school in HS in KY sees (apart from maybe Trinity).
  4. I dont know if I neccessarily agree with everything you said, however I must agree that Marty Reagan (the player I think you are talking about) was unbelievable. One of the greatest HS players (emphasis on HS player, for those that want to debate his ability since he didn't go on to college) to ever come out of KY. One of the hardest nosed and biggest hearted kids to step on the field. His size would have hurt him at his position in college (RB). I mean it's one thing to carry the ball 40 times at 5'6 160lbs in HS against HS defenses. It's another thing to carry the ball 40 times against D1 colleges at 5'6 160lbs. Durability and injury would have been an issue. Also, at 5'6, he would have been short for a college corner. Most corners these days are around 6 foot or taller since most receivers are over 6'2. No knock on Marty, but he couldn't cover Jacob Tamme in the state championship match ups, and it wasn't because Marty wasn't good enough, it was just because of Jacob's height advantage. But he still deserved a shot somewhere, even if it wasnt major D1. I think there were also some issues as far as academic eligibility went.
  5. Couldn't have said it better myself. To add to that, Coach Lucas has won 5 state championships as a HS Head Coach. He has also sent numerous players to Div. 1colleges and he emphasizes the importance of education and going to college. You can check out this link from the Bryan Station HS website of Coach Lucas' resume. http://www.bshs.fcps.net/Sports/football.htm Very very impressive. Had the fortunate oppurtunity to work along side him and some of his staff during Bryan Station's spring ball (I was doing observation at BS and got to volunteer on the football staff as they were shorthanded at the time), and I must admit I was overwhelmingly impressed.
  6. He is not a BS alum. If I had to describe Coach Lucas in one phrase it would be: a motivational, offensive minded, players coach. However, he doesn't mind to "get after" his players either.
  7. Coach Lucas is a great coach and an even better person. His success on and off the field speaks for itself; he is a proven winner. He has won everywhere he has went and I don't see that changing with Bryan Station.
  8. LOL :sssh: I think he will outshine both his dad and cousin if he doesn't grow complacent, continues to work hard, and gradually improves! IMHO, he is way ahead athletically of where Dallas was at his age, and he is an extremely smart football player, having been brought up around the sport his whole life with a dad who is a very good coach. I think he is poised for a break out sophomore season.
  9. Considering RB T.R. Christopher from Bell Co. made the WYMT All-Mountain Team as a sophomore, and led the Bobcat's in rushing, I would consider him one of the top RB's returning. Also, the Bobcats have an up and coming sophomore RB in Spencer Greer who has been very impressive in the weightroom and during summer drills. He was an unbelievably great RB at the JV level, and got some Varsity experience last season at both Corner and RB. From the looks of things this summer, he is more then ready to step up and tote the rock for the Varsity, and is pushing for a starting spot.
  10. Christopher doesn't play basketball and hasn't since the 8th grade. He not that type of athlete to play b-ball for a good high school team.
  11. Whitley and South in the finals of region, just like the district
  12. Beach IMO.... although I must admit I have never seen Blume live, only seen him on film.
  13. I seriously doubt that it had anything to do with Coach Greer and Whitley Co. I don't know much about the specific incident that is being discussed, but I do know alot about Coach Greer and his son, Spencer. There are no hard feelings between Coach Greer and Whitley Co., nor between Spencer and his former teammates. Spencer has remained good friends with many of the Whitley players since he and Coach Greer left Whitley Co. As far as Spencer not coming through the handshake after the game..... I don't know if it is true or not, but I doubt it. Even if it is true, I don't understand how Spencer not going through would be a case of bad sportsmanship on Coach Greer or Spencer's part, considering Coach Greer went through himself (I would assume) and he allowed the rest of the Bell Co team to go through it as well. If Spencer really didnt go through the handshake line I would assume it was more due to his disappointment and frustration in himself and his performance, or for some other justifiable reason, then for some unsportsmanlike feelings towards the Whitley Co. squad.
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