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    They're building fine young men at Louisville, aren't they? Sleep late, and we'll wake you up. Break our rules, and we'll still let you play. Come to Louisville, where kids will be kids and the adults will look the other way -- Gregg Doyel on UL.
  1. Coach McAninch had been coaching at Pulaski for twelve years and was just tired. He resigned this summer.
  2. It is illegal for either of the coaches to yell balk during a live play.
  3. How long has it been? If I were a player at Lincoln, this coaching search would show me how much baseball means to this administration, and I would probably hit the road.
  4. Does the kid play any other sports besides football?
  5. Who came over from Northern, I hadn't heard any news on that?
  6. I still maintain he should be suspended until conference games begin. You have to think CRB won't give a definite suspension in order to make sure Hartline keeps working hard. Can't let a kid that's never started a game go for a month of practice believing he's the "de-facto" QB.
  7. I live in Danville, wife is a Centre alum. Very nice town.
  8. I said under...just too many variables as of right now.
  9. Wouldn't mind a sampling of the many fine beverages Cincinnati's heritage has to offer. Don't suppose Nippert has a beer garden similar to what Riverfront used to have? Heck, I'm an Eastern alum, might try to make that one.
  10. How is parking and what is the tailgate scene like?
  11. GT, nothing to do with the link, but I've started following UC a little bit more since they've hired Kelly and would like to make it to a game up there this season. I know Nippert is relatively small, and with last year's success, how hard do you think it would be to score a couple tickets? Are we talking outrageous from scalpers? Thanks in advance.
  12. Wasn't that Couch's offense the first time he was here?
  13. I think Southwestern/Corbin refuse to play, but someone out there may know for sure. As far as the Somerset not playing the county schools issue, I really do think it's a shame. That game alone makes enough money to run an athletic program for the majority of a school year. Quite frankly, I don't think Somerset's athletic program can go too many years without that revenue.
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