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2014 Sweet 16 Contest Results

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Everyone please keep in mind that these results are not final for 24 hours, and you are encouraged to send me a private message (on BGP) and let me know if you think there are any inaccuracies with the counts.






First off, thanks to everyone who entered. By my count, we had 37 entrants this year.


This year, we offered a $1000.00 grand prize to the contestant who correctly picked all 16 regions. While that didn't happen, we did have some users who picked quite a few correctly. With some games where Ballard, Collins, and company lost narrowly going the other way, these users were much closer to the big prize than one might think.


BigZig, for example, lost 6 teams:


Apollo (5 point loss)

Warren Central (7 point loss)

Etown (17 point loss... the only bad one in the bunch)

Ballard (1 point loss)

Collins (1 point loss in OT)

Montgomery County (7 point loss)


Taking away the blowout in the 5th Region, that means that BigZig lost 5 regions by a total of 21 points if we're looking at the games where his pick was beaten out. Not too shabby.


While 10 picks might not seem like a lot, I've entered contests like this in the past for different entities, most of which had a format where one person could submit multiple entries, and usually a number like 12 will win those, despite the fact that there were more overall entries and that people could hedge picks with multiple entries.


Considering the amount of the way in which users could enter multiple times and the number of entries those had compared to ours, as well as the huge cluster of people at the top who got 8 or more entries correct, I think the knowledge of BGP's users speaks for itself.






Now, onto the good stuff. No one won the grand prize, but we still have 3 winners.


We had a three-way tie for the 2nd and 3rd place prizes, as gold sunrise, sealedpower, and LCDAWGS19 each had 9 correct entries.


Based on that, we went to the first tiebreaker, which was picking the highest combined point total in a regional final.


gold sunrise - 11th - 134

sealedpower - 7th - 117

lcdawgs19 - 5th - 105



In second place, we have gold sunrise. In third place, we have sealedpower.

Congratulations gold sunrise and sealedpower!




In first place, we have BIGZIG, who correctly picked 10 of the 16 regions.


Congratulations BIGZIG!


:dancingpa :dancingpa :dancingpa




Please click the link below for more information on claiming your prizes:


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I can't believe that I tied with the likes of Randy Parker - a kid who can't even put his arms down.






Reminds me of a sitcom:


Bart Carny/Quotes - Simpsons Wiki




Spud: Hey! They just ran into the house! That Homer fella grifted you good, Dad.


Cooder: Well, there's no shame in bein' beaten by the best.


Spud: But he didn't seem all that...


Cooder: We were beaten by the best, boy.

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Congrats my friend!!!! With the way teams were getting beat and upsets this year. 2nd place isn't bad either.


Yippee!!! :dancingpa


You two don't be getting too excited! You are going down in the special invite sweet 16 contest!

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