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Ashland 40 Russell 39

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Russell held the ball. Dicky Martin kept repeating (even early in the game) "first team to 40 points wins this game"...


He was right on the money with that one.


On the other hand, at one point in the third quarter, with Ashland trailing by 10, he made the statement above, and followed it with "Ashland will never get there". In fairness to Dicky, I don't think you could find three people that would have thought Ashland would get to 40 at that point in the game.


Russell didn't shoot a free throw, but that is a reflection of the fact that they let the air out of the ball. Blair didn't score, and Sizemore and Vanhoose accounted for all but five of Russell's points.



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I wouldn't say Ashland was pushing the ball up the floor either,

Frances. And Statmaster, the only time Russell really seemed to

want to hold the ball was with just over 2 minutes left in the ball-

game. Russell got the ball out of bounds with just over a minute

and then Coach Dodd wanted to hold the ball. The Devil's then took

a quick shot and missed, got the rebound, when they had an

opportunity to hold it again, and missed. Ashland then came up

the floor and made two free-throws, giving them what I believe

was their first lead of the game at 38-36. That's when Russell came

back and hit the three, and of course the buzzer-beater ensued.

Ashland's defense really intensified in the fourth quarter, but it

sure isn't to say that Russell should have won the ballgame.


On the positive side for Russell, Sizemore had a big night- I believe

he scored 12; and of course VanHoose was VanHoose. Certainly

not the way you want to end the regular season, especially on

Senior Night, but the Devils are definantly capable of ending the

season with a 16th Region Championship.


They now know what they must do.

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I wouldn't say Ashland was pushing the ball up the floor either, Frances...


A good point, Red Shift, and I didn't mean to imply that they did. Only trying to describe what happened to Red Blood, who had asked if both teams were flat. :thumb:


I don't think it would be fair to the players to say that the either team was "flat", but that the score reflected the strategy of the coaches in the game.



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WOW, what a freakin game. It was awesome. Vanhoose, well what can you say. AMAZING. Ashland had defenders in his face all night and he still caught the nets on fire. Wilcox worked his butt off, he fought through screen after double screen. McDavid got his, as usual. Ashland played great team defense and kept Russell on the perimeter all night. They probaly only had 2 or 4 points in the paint and they were put backs. Gil and Lavender were not factors inside. Well, the Devils didn't shoot a FT all night, so that tells ya were the shots came from. Devils couldn't put them away, Ashland kept clawing back and never gave up. Congrats to Tomcats on a HARD fought win @ The Furnace. Good momentum for districts. :thumb:

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Russell's coaching blew it. Why do coaches take the air out of the ball with the lead so early. Devils were up 8 with 5 minutes to go. They didnt score again until the Vanhoose 3 with about 5 seconds to go. Ashland wanted it more and went and got it.



Russell didn't try to play "stall ball", Ashland was playing great defense and not letting them get a shot off.

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