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Holy Cross Vs Holmes Who do you have Winning?

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Tuesday The 19th Holy Cross playes holmes at beechwood. The bulldogs may have won the last game on January 5, 66-55 but that was early in the season and a lot of people think that They shouldnt have won. Myself i think the bulldogs fought hard and DESERVED the win. The Indians Come into the game 20-5 excluding their game this saturday. The bulldogs are now 12-15 after loosing to St. Henry last night. They played Horrible Defense and allowed them to score points in the paint all night. If they allow The indians to get in the paint Like they allowed St. Henry it will be a LONG Night for the bulldogs. You will also see the final clash between Beal And Holder as they both reach the end of their senior year. When these two step on the court you are always in for a show.:ylsuper:


So what will the Final Score be?:confused:

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