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  1. Tough loss for D after a terrific win last week. Great season Colts!
  2. Considering school was not in session it was a very nice crowd. Probably 1000 Marshall fans, too. Attending the game sure beat Black Friday shopping.
  3. Western had several miscues and still dominated. If it weren't for a touchdown that they DID score that was not reviewed at IU they would be 11-1 with a single loss at LSU and probably ranked about 20th in the country. UK was smart to stop scheduling them; Cats can't get past Vandy (which oh by the way WKU did) GO TOPPERS! Let's finish 12-2!
  4. Relating to the last post: Can anyone remember any team at any level ever winning a state championship after giving up 70 points in a game earlier in the season? I cannot imagine.
  5. Barring a complete H choke, can we all now agree that the 6A state title was decide 8 days ago? H & LL have one common opponent; H beat T twice, LL lost 70-14.
  6. The over/under for this game centers on when the running clock will occur. Assuming H plays D like they did last night and Gentry is healthy, I'll go with 1:45 remaining in the 2nd qtr.
  7. If Cooper is on the same level as T & H then SK or LL may stand a chance. Problem is I think that H is about 4-5 scores better than Cooper. Honestly I think the Bulldogs will have a running clock for sure next week, and possibly (probably?) in the finals also.
  8. Wow. When the season is on the line the Colts throw down a whipping! South side trumps east end!
  9. Whew... just read most of this thread. Lots of stuff to make you think; lots of stuff to make you laugh.
  10. If my math is correct: Early on in this rivalry X had a 15-5-2 advantage over T. Since then T has gone 36-22. X Coach with the lowest winning percentage against T? I think it's the current one.
  11. Rumor is he stepped down (aka was forced out) of coaching, and one of the conditions was that he would keep his six fig salary and light teaching load if he would keep quiet. Paycheck outweighs the opportunity to get revenge. Heck, after tonight he may be the head coach at X next season!
  12. I don't even think T played their best game. Somewhere Mike Glaser is grinning.
  13. I saw the semi-final games. I had no doubt they would win it all. Once they got past T they outscored opponents 8-0 in the final 2 games. That is a beat down for the semi-finals & finals.
  14. Has this not been posted yet?! It came out last week. 10/30/15 ? Update On Schedule For 2015 Russell Athletic/KHSAA Commonwealth Gridiron Bowl | Kentucky High School Athletic Association
  15. Hilltoppers move to 8-2 and should have won at IU! WKU may or may not be the best team in the state, but they sure are the most fun to watch.
  16. I don't know Beavin from Adam, but I have met Conway a few times. My first (and successive) impression of him is that he is not all that bright. And I am honestly not trying to slam him, as he seemed nice enough and fairly genuine for a politician. But you don't wallk away from him thinking , "wow, that's a sharp guy." I believe he has risen to where he has through his good looks and through those in the background. I doubt he had much influence in the ads; I would bet he was told what to do.
  17. Agreed. PRP would have a very nice chance against SK or Scott Co., and might be favored against CH, McCracken, & Cooper.
  18. BG is looking for it's 3rd soccer title in it's 30th year of existence (I believe the soccer team formed in 1986). Two words: GO PURPLES!
  19. My only problem ever with coach Glaser was his complete animosity for T. He was never humble in defeat, and always pompous in victory. Thankfully his defeats by T far outnumbered his victories. That said, I think he is a fabulous football coach and had X not been so blind as to force him out when they did he would have won the state title in '13, no doubt IMO. If he took the Manual job and thus channeled a large amount of his venom toward X (of course saving some for T), count me as one T fan that would LOVE it.
  20. Every 6A school in Jefferson Co. is pulling for CH. And great win Purples; Let's double up with soccer & football this year!
  21. Dykstra's brother was a minor league umpire for a few years in the 90's
  22. Agreed, but if Volquez isn't ready and the Royals happen to drop the next two I would be hard pressed to throw my #5 on the road in a pivotal game 5 (especially with all the momentum on the side of the Mets). If KC wins one of the next 2 then Cueto/Volquez will take the mound in games 6/7 I would think.
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