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  1. "It's just a football game." "Neither one of these teams could even compete with CCH." "Beatty's offense is just not fun to watch."
  2. more like: "Time is out-uhh... on the floor." Those who really remember him will get that.
  3. Time to chime in again. I am not saying Bohn is the top QB in the state; I am saying it is CLOSE. Against the 4 weakest opponents on T's schedule (all 1st half running clocks I believe) he TOTALED 649 yard passing. So yes, his numbers could be even more impressive if T had fewer blowouts (same as CCH). Against the 4 toughest opponents (Warren Central, IN, St. X, Moeller, Champagnat, FL) Bohn had 1528 yards passing, or an average of 382 per game. Granted there was plenty of RAC yards, but he can throw downfield when he needs to - you take what the defense gives you. Bottom line is that 382 per game against a 4-team gauntlet that I would bet is tougher than any 4 teams that CCH or any other team in KY played all season, well, that's got to be in the discussion. Just my 2 cents.
  4. "Didn't X's coach go on to play football somewhere after high school?" "Haven't these teams been pretty evenly matched over the last decade or so?" "Which school has been around longer?" "Didn't Justin Thomas go to one of those schools?" "Which side misses coach Glaser more?"
  5. Totally agree. But most folks on this site believe that the 22 deep of CCH is right there with T this year or at least very close. So if Bohn is "not even close" to Mayer would that mean that if the two of them switched teams T would become 4 TDs better than CCH? I think not.
  6. I am only going to refute the "it's not even close" These are the 10-game regular season stats only for the KHSAA, but let's be honest, neither CCH nor T has had a REAL tough playoff opponent yet: Mayer = 120/184 (62%) for 2045 yds, 23 TDs, 3 int. Bohn = 207/263 (79%) for 2601 yds, 26TDs, 5 int. I am guessing Mayer has done quite a bit with his legs as well, but then again I know Bohn has too. Granted R Moore is a more powerful weapon than any CCH receiver, but Moore did sit out a couple of games. Also, Bohn did most of his damage against the likes of Warren Central (IN), Moeller, X, etc. In 2 games against Seneca he attempted a total of 21 passes! (12 & 9), and only attempted 8 against J-town, so there weren't big boosts to his numbers against weaker opponents. However, he threw for 387 against WC, 490 against Big Moe, 237 against X and 414 against Champagnat (FL). Those numbers are at least CLOSE.
  7. To get back to the topic, I believe the preparation & coaching of the X-men got them over the hump in this one. Congrats!
  8. Per two independent websites (US News and World report is one of them) SC has 2470 students in grades 9-12 (1769 at the high school which is only grades 10-12) and 51% are male. My math says 1259.7 boys. HC numbers I come up with are 50% of 2373 or 1186.5 boys. But as you mentioned, once you get near 1000 I think the statistical impact is pretty minimal. Plus I don't know what good .7 or .5 of a boy would do for a team.
  9. This will be a war. To the post wondering about the interest outside of the T & X fan base, I would say you will get your money's worth going to this one. In fact, if you've never seen T or X I am 100% confident you will enjoy this show. I am wondering one thing. Does X have an advantage having played tougher opponents these past couple of weeks (and at the end of the regular season), or does T benefit from not having to show much these last 7 or 8 weeks and they will be unleashing some new and unseen things next Sunday. Can't wait to see.
  10. “We are 63-2 against Kentucky schools over the past 7 years in the regular season, but we are 0-10 against the Cincinnati and Louisville private schools." Got to love it when coaches take credit for a win but won't own a defeat. Hmmm... maybe if you don't call two pass plays deep in your own territory late in the half which lead to 13 quick points for your opponent things would be different. X was better prepared = X victory.
  11. I go to at least a dozen high school games every year and I bet I haven't seen a kid ejected in probably 10 years. If it happens something (however small) warranted it. Keep your head on and play the game right and I am 99.999% sure you will not get ejected. For the .001%, learn a tough life lesson and move on.
  12. By the way, I will go with the Calpreps prediction on this one, 41-7, CCH.
  13. You can NOT take anything for granted when you get to the semis, but I am 99+% confident T will be in Lexington on the first Sunday of Dec.
  14. Really torn here. Always have respected CCH and have friends that went there. Also lots of BGHS ties and you're supposed to support the team that beat you. So the tiebreaker is that I'm pulling for SW so the nonsense of CCH being the best team in state history can be silenced. That said, I voted for CCH as I think they will win.
  15. Insiders knew T was going to get a lot of yards on the ground last night. Don't know if it has been mentioned somewhere else, but the big tackle for T who has been out all year, Caleb Murray, got to play and looked good.
  16. Very sorry for the Purples. They will be back. I do appreciate the sarcasm though.
  17. In fact T has often taken a very good number of fans into Ohio where we have won games at Colerain, Elder, etc.
  18. Wow. Wrong. Really good crowd for both schools.
  19. If not for a little game with Simon-Kenton at Trinity, I would like to be at this one. Go Purples!
  20. I see one pre-game thread with 4 pages of BGP posts and all the rest have less. This one has 11. That's saying something.
  21. Both will throw their aces. Better to play each other on Friday than on Saturday.
  22. And they got another penalty for having their helmet ripped off earlier, but I figured one example was enough.
  23. Actually T got a penalty for having the helmet ripped off, so that was one.
  24. To be fair, at 2:05:08 LL #22 helps the T QB up off the ground, so LL did have some sportsmanship moments.
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